FrigginYeah Helps Think Tank To Stamp Out MAP And Pricing Violations

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Think Tank needed to monitor how authorized vendors sold their extensive range of products across their entire US retail network. This required constantly checking hundreds of products and product variations, on multiple platforms.

Their old service provider wasn’t up to the job, so they called upon FrigginYeah to help them take control. The result? Saved time, complete control, and no more costly, unchecked pricing violations!

The Client

Think Tank is a group of expert product designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs.

Together with MindShift Gear, they are the leading brands of quality camera bags and accessories within the photographic market.

The Challenge

Think Tank has a range of hundreds of products, sold across a huge retail network in the US, including Amazon, eBay and They needed a much more extensive overview of how these products were being sold than their previous supplier could provide them with.

Their old process of price and MAP monitoring was time-consuming and liable to errors. Every morning, they had to check their old vendor’s platform, then look at multiple other sites, and finally run a thorough Google search to find any hidden violations. There were far too many places to hunt!

Having demoed other vendors, Think Tank chose FrigginYeah for their intuitive Pricing IQ platform, and the complete range of sites across which it offered MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) enforcement.

“Not to sound crass, but FrigginYeah is friggin on top of their service standards!”

Kevin Deskins
Account Executive, Think Tank

The Solution

FrigginYeah’s innovative ecommerce price monitoring platform provided Think Tank with complete oversight of pricing and MAP violations at the touch of a button.

Because Pricing IQ monitored Think Tank’s entire product line, it made it much easier for them to maintain MAP pricing for authorized resellers than before.

Not only did the Pricing IQ platform allow them to check all of their US retail channels, it also enabled them to monitor pricing in the UK and Germany for their international partners.

“Have to give your guys’ platform high praise today. We caught an authorized retailer violating MAP on 21 SKUs throughout the week trying to take advantage of us… Without a system like yours, this would have been incredibly difficult to hold them accountable!”

Kevin Deskins
Account Executive, Think Tank

The Results

FrigginYeah’s Pricing IQ platform has significantly increased Think Tank’s productivity. They are now able to monitor over 100 more product SKUs than before, allowing for greater enforcement, greater productivity, and greater tracking across all retail sites.

In addition, they are now able to send price monitoring reports to their international partners so that they can manage their own designated channels.

“I don’t doubt that FrigginYeah is a service we will continue to use, as their team is dedicated to making sure problems are addressed and our client concerns are looked into promptly.”

Kevin Deskins
Account Executive, Think Tank