FLO Expands In The US

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FLO’s history began in 2009 when AddEnergie (the parent company) was founded in Quebec City, Canada. Below is our interview with Fabien Fayard, Vice President of Marketing at FLO.

Louis Tremblay

Q: Could you provide our readers a brief guide to FLO?

A: As a master’s student in power electronics, President and CEO Louis Tremblay’s love for electric mobility fuelled his entrepreneurial spirit to launch his business. He gathered a competent team of professionals who shared his dedication for being catalysts for electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

AddEnergie began developing smart charging solutions, and quickly became famous for the quality and reliability of its charging stations. The company soon took over as official infrastructure provider and operator for most of Canada’s largest EV charging networks and launched its subsidiary company and network – FLO.

Seeing the value of home charging for EV drivers, the corporation transferred its commercial expertise and created a dedicated product for residential use. The FLO Home charging station came to the market in 2016 concentrating on the same craftsmanship and durability of the commercial products line.

Today, FLO covers all industries to serve EV drivers wherever they are – at home, at work and on the go – and is also now expanding on the US market.

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Q: What makes you better as other competitors?

A: FLO operates a electric vehicle charging network for drivers to turn on wherever these are -– at home, at work or on the go. FLO Family of Companies has manufactured high-quality durable charging stations and developed network management software for many different industries – residential, commercial and public infrastructure. We are committed to supporting the movement toward electric mobility, and have absolutely extensive experience helping utilities, municipalities, businesses and employers deploy charging projects of all sizes. Our dedication to quality and reliability is the reason why our charging solutions is the best choice on the market and why our EV charging network is the largest in Canada.

Q: You’ve recently expanded your activities in the United States; is it possible you tell us more about this new market?

A: FLO Home EV charging station is currently available for purchase in the United States since last summer. We are also expanding our B2B offer in this new market.

In Canada, FLO Home has rapidly become the most trusted option of Canadian EV drivers since 2016 : US market was just the logical continuation of this expansion.

We know that this advanced home charging station can be easily integrated in the habits of the US market: beautifully resilient, crafted with sturdy materials and built to last at least 10 years. It has precious features and real-time support, therefore you know you’ll always have a full charge for your daily commute in the morning.

FLO Home residential charging station is available in two models, the smart X5 version and the standard G5.

The FLO Home X5 lets you to track usage data from a private FLO account and access smart features, such as

· Power sharing: Allows 2 FLO Home X5 for being installed on a single breaker
· Charging Schedule: Limit or shut down output current during peak periods

The G5 offers you exactly the same reliability and quality as the X5 charger without network connectivity.

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Q: Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

A: Securing the US market is now the priority but we now have a lot of opportunities around the planet and things are going really fast at FLO. Therefore, being present in a new continent in a 5-year-time is strongly possible.