Flip Token Provides The Easiest Way To Get Crypto When You Sell An Item

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Below is our recent interview with Gary Davi, CEO at Flip Token:

Gary Davi

Q: Gary, what is Flip Token?

A: Most simply put, Flip is a crypto eBay or Craigslist. It’s the easiest way to get crypto when you sell an item. And it’s the easiest way to use it to buy stuff.

Q: How exactly does it work? Walk us through the process.

A: It’s very straightforward. Users simply set up an account so we’re able to set-up their wallet. Then just like eBay, items are posted, and a price set in whatever denomination they choose. We convert it to Flip.

When a buyer purchases an item, their money goes into what we call our Smart Escrow process. And the monies are held until the item is delivered and verified. This way both buyer and seller are protected.

Flip Token

Q: Tell us more about the technology behind Flip?

A: We are different in that most everyone today is concerned with transaction speed. Our focus is on slowing things down and protecting buyers as well as sellers of pre-owned items.

We utilize the ethereum blockchain as our transaction layer and are focused on the application layer above where the users reside.

Q: What do you think about the future of cryptocurrencies?

A: Mass adoption is imminent. We believe crypto is here to stay. And in our perfect world, would be used by everyone for everything. Our job is to provide an easier on and off ramp to gain adoption and make it easy to use in our marketplace.

Q: What is on the roadmap for Flip moving forward?

A: We are seeking investors to finalize and launch our mobile app and at this stage have chosen the Equity Crowdfunding approach due to too many unknowns in the ICO market.