First Page Digital – A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, With Focus On SEO, And Paid Advertising

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Below is our interview with Shane Liuw, General Manager at First Page Digital:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe First Page Digital?

A: As a full-service digital marketing agency, we excel in SEO, online paid advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and digital consultation. With offices in Singapore, Australia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai and New Zealand, First Page Digital is Asia’s largest web marketing firm with over 250+ highly experienced web marketing staff. With our knowledge and resources, we know how to drive traffic and customers to our customers’ sites and digital assets. We develop strategies that will help maximise our clients’ websites potential resulting in maximum online exposure. We only make promises we can keep!

Q: What kinds of services do you provide to your clients?

A: Our full suite of expert digital solutions includes SEO (Local SEO, International SEO, eCommerce SEO), pay-per-click advertising for Google Ads, premium content writing, online reputation management and social media advertising.

Q: From your perspective how can search engine optimization change a business owner’s life?

A: Many business owners still have a problem with aspects of search engine optimization; SEO involves a lot of work and is getting more complex as days go by. So how does SEO work? When people search for something on a search engine, search engines return all the available websites with the keywords that are being searched for. Even though there are thousands of websites, the search engine has to know which websites people mostly stay in, maybe due to their good content or visually pleasing. The goal of SEO is to simply rank your website among the top 5 in the search results because instinctively people always click results on the first page as far as it is well known.

Q: How can SEO change a business owner’s life?

A: These are some of the effects that SEO can have on the business:

1. SEO is the primary source of website traffic
Websites get traffic through referrals, advertisements and many other ways but organic search still stands as a primary source of website traffic. Organic search has a huge impact on the performance of a business; it is a channel for the business and users to engage in. Although Google is the largest search engine, other brands also contribute to the visibility of the business.

2. SEO builds trust and credibility
The key goal for any SEO is to create a strong foundation that lets a user have the best experience at the website and easy discoverability, thanks to trust and credibility of the digital elements and brand.

Business owners can accrue authority as a result of elements like –
• Machine- learning signals
• Positive user behaviour
• Optimization of on-page properties
• Quality backlink profile

3. Better user experience
Good SEO guarantees batter user experience as every business owner wants better search ranking and maximum visibility. Optimal user experience is the best mode of getting there. Search engines have learnt to interpret good or bad user experience and this element becomes a major determinant on the success of a business website. The goal of this is to ensure that users get what they desire with a few clicks.

4. Local search increases engagement, conversion and traffic
With the growth and domination of mobile traffic, local searches have become more popular and have become an important factor in the growth of a business. Local SEO optimizes your digital properties and this ensures that people can find the business faster.

Q: What advice can you give to business owners when looking for SEO vendors?

A: Getting a reliable SEO vendor can be frustrating, these are some of the tips you should apply when looking for one –

• Ensure the company you choose tracks your data
• Check their reviews, testimonials and case studies
• Schedule a consultation
• Define your SEO goals clearly
• Clearly state your SEO budget

Implementing quality and strong SEO is very important for a business owner, the digital properties and the brand is always going to be an important factor in search optimization. It is beneficial to the brands marketing strategy; it is a new age marketing technique that every business owner should master.

Q: Do you have any tips for our readers when it comes to better website ranking?

A: SEO tips for your readers:

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to improve your website’s ranking. And if you have attempted to add SEO to your site and you have failed to observe any significant changes, then you are probably doing something wrong. SEO, when done right, should grow your website’s traffic and increase its visibility on the internet. If you are still struggling to properly utilize the concept, consider the following tips:

1. Content
Content is still king. That was the case years ago and it is still the case today. Google wants its users to get the most relevant information in the shortest amount of time possible. As such, you must pay close attention to the Meta descriptions (which provide a summary of your website) and the titles. The content itself must also be engaging, easy to read, and fresh.

2. Speed
Search Engines want their users to have the best possible experience whenever they access websites through their platform. For that reason, Search Engines tend to penalize websites that take too long to load. Internet users have very short attention spans. So the idea of waiting several seconds for a website to open is simply anathema to them. Forty percent of users will reject websites that take more than three seconds to open. So remove any elements on your website that slow it down. That includes unnecessary sidebars, plugins, widgets and the like. Don’t clutter your site.

3. Accessibility/Navigation
Your website should be easy to navigate. If you want to attain a better website ranking, you need to optimize your users’ experiences. That means providing an easy path for users to follow whenever they need to find a particular page. Put simply, a search engine like Google wants you to minimize the number of clicks it takes to transition from one page to another. This is called Page depth. Images also matter but they should be accompanied by relevant and descriptive text.

4. Links
Like content, link building will never lose its value. Your website must have an abundance of quality associations with other authoritative online resources. There is no better way to build your website’s credibility than to associate it with other trustworthy and reliable portals.

5. Mobile Optimization
Because most people today access the internet via their smartphones, any website that wants to receive a boost in ranking from Google’s algorithms must be mobile friendly.

If a website doesn’t respond appropriately on a mobile device, Google will penalize it. SEO isn’t hard to master. But it requires time and effort. If you put the tips above and more into action, your website will benefit greatly.