Filip Boksa CEO Of BookingKoala Shares How To Grow A Service Business Using A Software

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Below is our recent interview with Filip Boksa, CEO at BookingKoala:

Q: What is BookingKoala?

A: BookingKoala is a platform that helps service type businesses grow efficiently. It also is the only platform in the world that helps someone start and grow a profitable service business for $0.

BookingKoala was founded in a very unique way. Filip Boksa the CEO and Co-Founder of BookingKoala, grew King of Maids, a multi million dollar cleaning platform that allows customers to connect with top maids in their local areas. Later, he was approached by other local services to purchase the rights to the software powering King of Maids and to use it for their own services. Instead, after realizing the potential and high demand for the software, Filip turned it into what today is called BookingKoala.

BookingKoala has already changed thousands of lives and is a quickly growing platform across the world.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: BookingKoala is an extremely large platform. If you are starting a business, you can sign up for free, get a website at $0 cost and use our tools to grow. You can customize your website inside of BookingKoala which makes it easy for non-developers to use. The tools you can use; range anywhere from online booking for customers, to giving your customers the ability to modify their appointments on the go at anytime. Your providers can also view jobs on the go inside their own dashboard. These are just some of the capabilities that allow the owner to automate the entire business.

Q: What makes you the perfect platform to grow a service business?

A: As I mentioned above, these tools give you total automation for your business. Imagine a software that is so automated that it can cut staffing at your company in half. This is not an exaggeration. This actually happened the moment we introduced the full version of the software. We went from 6 office workers to 3, allowing us to save over $100,000 annually. On top of all of that, customers don’t want to call you to make, modify, or cancel an appointment. They want to do it on their phones right then and there. That is why Uber became so popular and so quickly.

Q: What does it take to grow a successful service business?

A: First you need to understand that you are not the worker. You are a marketer. When growing a service business, most people get stuck doing the cleaning, the moving or whatever the job is, they do it themselves instead of hiring someone to do it for them. I’ve never cleaned a home in my life, yet my company completed thousands of jobs. If you set yourself up in a way that someone else does the jobs, you now only have to worry about finding more clients and more providers. Eventually, when you find enough of them, you make a lot of money and then you find people to replace you. Combined with BookingKoala, this may be done a lot faster than it could have a few years ago.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: My plan is to make BookingKoala a billion dollar company without taking any outside funding. I want to change the world when it comes to building a service business and make peoples lives easier. We carefully take feedback from each industry and we improve every week. We want to eventually become the only main software that you need when it comes to growing your service business.