Tech Company ExtendaTouch Allows Paid And Non-Paid Caregivers Free Access To Under-Served Caregivers

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Below is our recent interview with Andy Cramer, CEO at ExtendaTouch:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: ExtendaTouch is a tech company with a proprietary platform that allows paid and non-paid caregivers free access to underserved caregivers. All contacts with other members are opt-in, and profiles are anonymous. Caregivers can discuss sensitive topics, including their own self-care, without the fear of stigma.

ExtendaTouch solves the problem of inefficiencies in an ad-hoc support system in the marketplace for caregivers. The company specializes in matching the needs of caregivers with peer-to-peer support. Family and professional caregivers have enormous amounts of knowledge and experience to share. ExtendaTouch is the go-to organization for caregivers who are often overwhelmed, isolated, and lonely.

Caregiving usually begins with unexpected events. New caregivers can get tips from more experienced caregivers, and long-term caregivers can find compassionate members to help relieve their isolation and stress.

Caregivers, already without enough support, are currently coping with the lack of resources amid a perfect storm, a raging COVID pandemic, hurricanes, floods, fires, and the loss of essential services in hard-hit areas.

ExtendaTouch is an online community. Communities gather around shared interests or beliefs, and when they can communicate about their shared interests and help each other, they create a feeling of safety and belonging. For example, there are religious communities, an LGBTQ+ community, and mental health communities like Alcoholics Anonymous and AL anon.

Our mission at ExtendaTouch is to assemble a community for caregivers with a free platform where all caregivers can participate with a sense of belonging, safety, and care for each other and where no one is left behind.

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Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Our recent announcement is an agreement with misterb&b, the largest LGBTQ travel community invitation with more than one million LGBTQ-friendly hosts, travelers, and accommodations. Under the agreement terms, misterb&b will provide hosts and guests access to a free caregiver account at ExtendaTouch.

The agreement will provide a critical service of bringing caregivers together to support one another, widely disseminate information, and provide access to local non-profits to help simplify and improve the caregiving process.

Think of AAA (Automobile Association of America) exclusively for the undeserved caregiver market. They are available whenever you need to fix a flat tire or need a tow. That’s why they have 60 million members. ExtendaTouch is like AAA in that members engage the services that ExtendaTouch provides whenever there is a need. That may be sporadically or regularly.

ExtendaTouch services include relevant peer-to-peer personal and private support, direct access to non-profits, educational videos, and a blog published five days a week, shared widely with social media channels. It provides up-to-date information, inspirational stories, and interviews with leaders engaged in assisting caregivers in various areas, including Alzheimer’s, Autism, Veterans, and Caregiver support.

Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? 

A: Over the next six months, ExtendaTouch will be announcing sponsorships with more non-profits and companies that will invite their members, employees, patients, subscribers, members, and affiliates to access a free account at ExtendaTouch. ExtendaTouch will produce monthly content offering relevant information to each sponsoring company they can distribute to benefit caregivers and keep ExtendaTouch at the top of caregivers’ minds as the go-to community when they have a need. Additionally, ExtendaTouch will be expanding the number of subjects and sub-topics as requested by members.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: The best thing about ExtendaTouch that people may not know about is our ongoing negotiations with companies to provide discounts on essential products and services to already financially- stretched caregivers. Communities offer benefits to their members, and ExtendaTouch aims to do just that.