Enventys Partners Has Been A Leader In Product Development And Marketing For More Than 15 Years

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Enventys Partners was formed by the merger of two industry titans: Enventys and Command Partners. Enventys was a leading product development company, and Command Partners had established itself as the world’s top crowdfunding marketing agency. Together, the two form an even stronger force for developing and launching successful products, brands and companies globally.

As a vertically-integrated product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing agency, Enventys Partners is able to design, engineer, prototype, market test, crowdfund and sell products online. Below is our interview with Roy Morejon President of Enventys Partners:

Q: You’ve experienced strong growth throughout 2017; could you tell us something more?

A: Our first calendar year as a new company is coming to a close, and throughout the year we’ve experienced phenomenal growth, both in terms of company size and revenue. We also saw incredible results for our clients, including several new products such as Inirv and a new Hensler Surgical product, millions of dollars raised on Kickstarter and Indiegogo (we raised over $2 million for Antonia Saint New York!), and multiple successful ecommerce marketing campaigns that have increased sales by as much as 1200%. We’ve now worked on over 24 million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns, more than any other company in the world.

Looking toward 2018, we’re excited for the variety of innovative projects we have on the docket. We’ll also be working with some of the leading global consumer product brands to launch several ingenious products throughout the year.

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Q: What’s the biggest problem your clients face when launching a new product?

A: While there are many product design and development companies, market testing companies, crowdfunding agencies and ecommerce marketing agencies across the globe, no one-stop-shop exists other than Enventys Partners. This means that those who want to launch a new product must first engage with a product development company to design and build the product. Simultaneously, they would likely want to work with a market testing company to determine the ideal features, pricing and more to help their product sell. Once that is done, they must work with manufacturers and factories to source and manufacture their product. Then, once manufacturing, sourcing and shipping is in place, they can begin to work with a marketing agency to sell their product online. This entire process is quite cumbersome.

Enventys Partners streamlines this process by offering all these services within the same company. Simply put…we offer accountability. Instead of making excuses, we deliver results.

Q: What makes Enventys Partners unique?

A: Enventys Partners does it all for consumer products launches; we’ll help design, prototype, market test, crowdfund, manufacture, source and fulfill and sell your next big product. As the industry’s only full-service turnkey product launch agency, we’ve helped file more than 700 patents, launched hundreds of products and built dozens of companies from the ground up. We’ve also helped raise more than $140 million through crowdfunding, and we’ve helped hundreds of companies streamline their ecommerce marketing strategy.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: Enventys Partners already has a global presence, with offices across the US and in Asia, but we plan to continue to open up new offices across the world through strategic partnerships.

Additionally, our Charlotte, NC headquarters is growing rapidly. As we grow, we plan to expand our influence and encourage innovation by launching innovative programs such as Start100, an accelerator program to help improve the entrepreneurial community in the Carolinas by streamlining the process of finding investors and launching a product online.