Engineering Job Czar – A Revolutionary New Job/Recruiting Concept

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Below is our recent interview with Steve Novak, Principal of Engineering Job Czar:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Engineering Job Czar?

A: Engineering Job Czar is a revolutionary new job/recruiting concept. Our site has a traditional job board, but the real power of our platform is the Engineering Skills Database at our core. This skills matrix database has all the education, discipline-specific skills and industry experience categories pre-loaded into it. Jobseekers (Engineers & Technology Professionals) don’t post their resume like other sites, but instead detail their professional careers using our pull-down menus.

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Q: How does your platform differ from traditional platforms for recruiting?

A: Traditional recruiting systems all rely upon the resume. Companies will use an ATS to streamline the process of organizing huge numbers of resumes, but the inherent flaw will always be the resumes themselves. Scanning and extrapolating accurate, useful career data from an individual’s resume is difficult since resumes are not standardized and are as unique as the people who wrote them. They are prone to errors, unique acronyms, embellishment and critical information that is either poor or missing altogether. It’s the old adage in spades – garbage in equals garbage out.

Engineering Job Czar replaces the resume with an engineering skills database. Jobseekers create their career profiles by selecting categories and subcategories for education, discipline specific skills and industry experience using our pull-down menus. This standardizes all the career data and now makes it easy to execute a very detailed filter-search using the exact same fields and pull-down menus – like looking for a car on eBay.

Now Hiring Managers can do their own candidate sourcing simply by executing filter-searches.

Q: Which type of engineers use your platform the most?

A: Engineering Job Czar caters to all engineering careers working in over 80 industries. The most popular engineering disciplines being Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, etc.

Q: What’s your revenue model? How are you funded?

A: Agencies typically charge 20% of an engineering candidate’s first year salary. We offer two options for accessing our jobseeker members.

1) Post a job on our site – this option allows resource-seekers to post their job, add the necessary skill filters they require and have their Ad get displayed nationwide. Applicants who apply to these Ads will be screened automatically using the filters set by the job poster. This service is completely free to both the job and resource-seekers.

2) Quick Search – with this option resource-seekers can execute a filter-search of our database without posting their job. Candidates who match the filter criteria are notified immediately and those that are interested & available will reply back (usually within one hour) to the resource-seeker. This option offers 5 free trial searches and then costs $30/month afterwards.

With both of these options, the jobseeker is notified automatically every time their skill-set matches all current and future jobs posted on our site as well as all quick-searches. Therefore, once they are in our system they will receive a steady stream of job opportunities that they are uniquely qualified for, without having to do anything further. Engineering Job Czar will always be free for jobseekers.

We are self-funded. But are open to outside investment.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re concentrating on Engineering for now, but this platform can easily be applied to any job sector on earth. It’s especially adept for sectors that have high turnover or high complexity. Using the baseline design of having a unique Czar site for each sector, a custom designed embedded skills database and direct connection between parties – Czar would fit nicely for Trades & Construction, Finance, Accounting, Restaurant, Retail, etc. to name a few. Each of these sites would use the suffix ‘Czar’.

Our system is a true ‘Digital Disruptors’. Sites like Uber, Netflix and AirBnB are well known examples. None of these platforms own a single taxi, theater or hotel, yet they are the biggest providers of these services in the world. They are digital companies that provide a direct path between the customer and the service provider and bypass everything that used to be in the middle. They do this while at the same time providing a greater variety of choices for less money. They also flipped their respective industries upside down.

Our goal is not only to revolutionize the status-quo in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency, but with costs as well.