eCycle Solutions Delivers Safe, Convenient, And Cost-Effective Recycling Technologies

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eCycle Solutions is Canada’s largest e-waste recycler, committed to protecting and improving our environment through safe, convenient, and cost-effective recycling technologies. Below is our recent interview with Tricia Oldfield, Vice President – Sales & Marketing at eCycle Solutions:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to eCycle Solutions?

A: With a national footprint, we provide industry leading e-waste solutions for manufacturers, retailers, municipalities and consumers, regardless of where they may be and no matter how large or how small their requirements. We take pride in finding innovative and flexible solutions to our customers’ e-waste requirements, aiming to be recognized as the clear partner of choice for electronic and electrical asset recycling, reuse, and recovery.

Above all, we operate with the highest of ethical standards. We do not cut corners in our processes, auditing, or reporting because there are no short-cuts to success. We value honesty and transparency and seek out employees, partners, and customers who share these values.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the acquisition of Refreshtek; could you tell us something more?

A: In addition to performing data sanitization services such as data wiping and asset tag removal from IT products, eCycle Solutions has expanded its’ ability to fully maximize the value of these assets by refurbishing and selling them directly to end users complete with warranties. This acquisition makes us a more fully integrated player in the IT asset disposition market and adds to our reputation as Canada’s leaders in recycling, refurbishment and resale. The acquisition will allow us to expand our service offering in this growing market across Canada and set us up to look at opportunities into foreign markets in the future.

Q: Can you walk us through you process? How does it work?

A: This diagram illustrates the process at a high level focus on the manufacturing of materials to the consumer and which point the product is disposed of as it is broken, come to end of life (outdated) or the consumer purchases the next model,

These materials are then sent to recycling, only 20% of electronics produced get returned to a proper recycling facility. We have relationships with manufactures, global national and local businesses as well as stewardship programs where we are their preferred partner for end of life or end of use electronic equipment. We assess this material to establish if there is a reuse or resale value Vs end of life. In either situation we ensure that all data is destroyed from the assets and provide our clients with documentation for their peace of mind. We then process the equipment for resale of take it to end of life through our teardown and shredding process working with various global partners to process the outputs from the shredline process back into the circular economy as raw materials.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: The challenges in the industry in the past 3 years have been daunting as we have seen outlet markets for commodity materials shut down or become more regulated in taking e-waste. While it has presented challenges to us we also see it as opportunity for us to add to our core business of recycling electronics. The two areas we are focused on for the future are the ITAD (information technology asset disposition) or resale market for electronic devises that we have just entered. Hence the acquisition of Refreshtek. It is our goal to expand this service offering across Canada in the B2B space and provide our services in all major cities by the end of 2020. That will open opportunities for us to explore foreign markets as we will have a proven go to market strategy and service offering second to none in the industry.

The other area we see opportunity is with our waste plastic we produce from electronic recycling from our shredline. We will look at taking the plastic output from a waste product to recyclable material by putting it through a single pass float sink system that we will install into our Mississauga plant in early 2020.

Both of these initiatives line up with our vision to be recognized as the clear partner of choice as we successfully grow our business through innovation and talent of our people to provide industry leading solutions promoting the circular economy for our partners. There are exciting times ahead and we look forward to the journey.