E2Technologies Releases The Tinder Of Real Estate Apps?!

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Based in Austin Texas, E2Technologies is a web and mobile development company that specializes in mobile applications.

Below is our recent interview with Eric Alcantara from GoFievel:

Q: What is your Mission?

A: Our mission at E2Technologies is to pioneer, develop, and implement technologies of value that solve real problems.

Q: You’ve recently introduced the GoFievel app; could you tell us something more?

A: GoFievel is THE concierge service of real estate apps for home buyers making it faster, easier, and safer than ever to find the right home, and the only app that truly provides a hassle free home search experience. GoFievel also offers the latest in professional tools such as lead generation, search, and communication.

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Q: There are plenty of large household names when it comes to real estate apps – what makes GoFievel unique?

A: There are plenty of large household names when it comes to real estate apps, but they all fall short when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Some of these problems include:

(For home buyers)
1. Inaccurate listings
2. Cumbersome or difficult to navigate
3. Personal information required
4. Endless SPAM

(For agents)
1. Expensive
2. Cold or dead leads
2. Waste of time
3. Waste of money
4. Poor ROI

The GoFievel app was purpose built to solve these problems…

Q: What are the benefits for buyers?

A: Buyer features include:

•Personal information protection- GoFievel does NOT share or sell your personal information so you never have to worry about SPAM or fraudulent use.
•Automated home search- Create a profile, set your search criteria, and GoFievel does the searching for you.
•Accuracy- See only the most accurate listings updated in realtime.
•Swipe view!- Swipe (Tinder style) through listings to quickly and easily narrow down your search to find the perfect home. Only see what you like, and never have to sift through the same properties over and over again.
•Showing requests- When you find the perfect home schedule a showing with the touch of a button. No personal information required! That means NO SPAM! Ever… No unwanted phone calls, no voicemails, no text messages, no spam emails.
•In app messenger- Swipe through listings, narrow your search, then request a showing with the touch of a button. Communicate safely and easily without ever having to leave the app or give out your personal information.

Q: What are the benefits for agents?

A: Agent features:

•Lead Generation- Connect with serious home buyers. GoFievel only deals with REAL PEOPLE looking to buy. (No automated data collection, click bait, cold, or dead leads.)
•In app search- Connect with new leads, view clients’ search criteria, then search and send listings all within the app.
•Showing requests- Receive push notifications that let you know that a client is interested in a property. The clients come to you. No more cold calls, no email lists to spam, no more chasing cold or dead leads.
•In app messenger- You can directly communicate with clients without ever having to leave the app.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are currently only available in Austin Texas but we plan to expand based on user demand and ultimately be available nation wide. GoFievel the is foundation for a much larger platform that will address many other challenges in the real estate industry. As the platforms grows we plan on adding residential/commercial listings, strategic partnerships with title companies, and features that integrate the mortgage process for things like pre approval and qualification. The real estate business is very large with so many moving parts to even one transaction. It’s going to take and equally large platform to be able to handle its many intricacies and that’s what we intend to do with GoFievel.

GoFievel addresses many of the common problems on both sides of real estate making it faster, easier, and safer than ever. The GoFievel app is available nation wide on the Apple App store, and is in the very early stages of launch. Representation and activity may vary in your location during the on boarding process.

The mission at E2Technologies is to pioneer, develop, and implement technologies of value that solve real world problems.