Dr Roya Ghafele Discusses The Benefits Of IP Valuation In The Age Of Corona

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In this interview, Dr Roya Ghafele discusses the dire need to value intellectual property. As humanity is in need for a cure for the Corona virus, the adequate assessment of the economic worth of intellectual property is more than ever a necessity.

Q: Dr Ghafele, how would you describe your contribution in the current Corona crisis?

A: More than ever before has the current Corona crisis shown that there is a need to invest wisely in technology. Humanity is faced with the necessity to find a cure as fast as possible. Possible approaches range from Apps, tracking services to biotech approaches and ultimately new vaccines.

In all of these endeavours intellectual property plays a major role. Patents help protect the technology itself, copyright helps protect code and software, trade secrets offer the protection of strategic business information and trademarks help leverage the brand of a firm. These various forms of IP are crucial for a firm to succeed. In particular, it is the congruence of various forms of IP that help a business to succeed.

Q: Dr Ghafele, What can be expected of an OxFirst IP valuation?

A: The OxFirst IP valuation helps to better understand these business dynamics. OxFirst’s IP valuation consists of an initial due diligence followed by a strategic assessment of the various opportunities provided by the IP to maximize profits. It also helps manage costs, which many companies may find important in the current situation. OxFirst then makes use of various recognized valuation approaches that give insights on the economic worth of IP.

As a result, companies are often in a position to maximize their business opportunities or attract investors. Private Equity, Venture Capital and Business Angels again are in a position to better assess risks and return. Because OxFirst is an economic consultancy, it can offer insights on IP, which are otherwise not available.

Translated to the current crisis, this may mean that we may be in a better position to leverage IP in search for a cure for Corona.

Q: Dr Ghafele, can you describe a typical use case scenario for your IP valuations?

A: We completed just recently the valuation of the intellectual property of a tech company specialized in urban mining. The firm focuses on extracting valuable materials from electronic trash. In doing so, it addresses a massive environmental challenge, while at the same time opening up previously unknown business opportunities.

OxFirst’s IP valuation helped the firm reorient its strategy. The IP business strategy we undertook, set the baseline for a massive increase in revenues. At the same time, it helped the firm minimize its operational costs. Quite simply, this was possible because of the immaterial nature of IP. Trading in intangible assets is a good deal more cost effective than in tangible property rights. Such approaches may also work for firms specializing in a cure for Corona.

Q: Dr Ghafele, to sum up, what are the key benefits of engaging you?

A: OxFirst’s IP valuations have a proven track record of success. They have helped companies of various sizes and stages in their lives maximise revenues, while minimizing costs. At the same time, they have helped investors make educated investment decisions. These advantages are immensely valuable in the age of Corona, where we need to assure every Pound is spent wisely. The path to finding a cure to the virus is invariably interlinked with an adequate analysis of the economic impact of intellectual property.

Dr Roya Ghafele, thank you for this interview.