Digital Agency Dynamic Mind Delivers Turn-Key Solutions To Accelerate Brands In The Digital Space

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Since 2002, Dynamic Mind has been working in partnership with its clients to transform how people generate big ideas and build out industry leading digital solutions. They are technology fueled creators and innovators who craft award winning platforms and are always looking for the next big opportunity. Below is our interview with Jason Smith, CEO at Dynamic Mind:

Q: Jason, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Dynamic Mind?

A: We are a full service digital agency based out of Toronto with a strong focus on developing software, Apps, Web, VR & AR. We are agile to the core and lean in practice, our team is committed to strategizing, designing, building, maintaining and evolving business applications to provide turn-key solutions that will accelerate brands in the digital space.

Q: What makes your approach different?

A: We make our customers our priority and seek to build relationships, not just projects. White glove customer service is always on top of our minds. We look to develop solutions considering the road ahead and not just the immediate needs.

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Q: Tell us something about the people who makes your team?

A: Our team is made up of a collection of unique and innovative minds! A dedicated group of visionaries and Jedi Tech Masters, we are about having fun and enjoying our working environment without losing sight of the goals ahead! From young fresh minds, to MBA’s to veterans in the field, we are a strong and dedicated group that spans from Australia to Canada.

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Q: Who are your clients?

A: Our clients are from all sectors, large fortune 500 corporations, start -ups and local businesses. All who align with our values and visions of the future of technology.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our plans for the future are to continue to build new and strong relationships with our clients while fostering the existing partners we have. We want to bring products & technology that consumers value and that make a difference in the community. Like our latest app for Halloween, the TRICK OR TREATERS APP. The goal with this app is to keep kids safe and increase the fun they have on Halloween night. With real time gps tracking of the kids out trick or treating parents can have peace of mind know exactly where there kids are. The app also has a panic feature to notify parents instantly of a problem and the ability for kids to track their candy!