Digicert Introduces Trust Lifecycle Manager, A Certificate Lifecycle Management And PKI Services Solution

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Below is our recent interview with Deepika Chauhan, Chief Product Officer at DigiCert:

You’ve recently introduced DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager; can you tell us something more?

A: In an era when organizations are increasingly investing in their digital trust infrastructure, Trust Lifecycle Manager brings together CA-agnostic certificate management and PKI services with DigiCert’s best-in-class public trust, to deliver centralized visibility and control, prevent business disruption, and secure identity and access.

Q: The 2022 State of Digital Trust Survey revealed the cost of poor security practices; can you give us more insights?

A: The survey found that almost half of consumers (47%) have stopped doing business with a company after losing trust in that company’s digital security. It also found that if companies do not manage digital trust, 84% of their customers would consider switching, with 57% saying switching would be likely.

One hundred percent of enterprises surveyed said digital trust is important. Top reasons include the growing importance of data, an expanding threat surface, an increase in bad actors and pressure from customers. Nearly all (99%) enterprises believe it is possible that their customers would switch to a competitor if they lost trust in the enterprise’s digital security.

Companies that are strategically investing in digital trust are positioning themselves now as stewards of a secure, connected world.

Q: DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager is setting a new standard for managing trust; what are main benefits for your customers?

A: Trust Lifecycle Manager is a full-stack solution that offers organizations seamless management of their digital trust infrastructure. By prioritizing their digital trust strategy, organizations add to their top line by accelerating customer acquisition, improving employee productivity and driving digital innovation. At the bottom line, they reduce risk of outages of mission-critical applications, the attack surface area for breaches and customer churn due to loss of trust.

The platform delivers:

  • A full-stack solution in a single pane of glass that offers superior performance, handling and automation, with single vendor accountability.
  • Certificate profiles and tools facilitating self-service issuance.
  • Flexibility for cloud, on-premises or hybrid models, enabling companies to manage their PKI use cases according to their security policy preferences.
  • Centralized visibility and control over a company’s certificate landscape, reducing risk of business disruption and securing identity and access across the organization.
  • Deep integration into user and enterprise technologies, supporting existing business systems and processes.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your launch event Feb. 1?

A: We are Announcing DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager. Get an in-depth review of the new product and how it can help organizations turn trust management into a strategic business advantage.

You’ll learn:

1. The importance of using digital trust to secure everything that connects.
2. Addressing the proliferation of digital transformation challenges, including support for Zero Trust and remote workforces.
3. How DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager delivers flexibility to meet any use case in any organization’s ecosystem.