Dedicated Server In Europe – Everything You Need To Know

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Starting a business nowadays is closely related to considering the ways of “conquering” the internet. For example, if you want to start an online business in Europe, the best thing you can do is create a site hosted on a dedicated server in Europe. Why is this the optimal solution? This we want to discuss in this article today.

What are the benefits of dedicated hosting?

Let’s first have a look at what features of dedicated hosting make it so good, and after we’ll discuss a little, why Europe.

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting service which suggests that the whole physical server is dedicated to the customer and the customer can configure it as they see fit.

The advantages of this type of hosting consist first and foremost in performance. You have a whole server together with its memory, storage, CPU, and operating system at your disposal. There is nothing and no one that can affect the operation of your server, so you may feel completely sure about things you are running on it.

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Even if you find for example a mighty VPS offer that is more or less equal to a small dedicated server, the latter will have a higher level of performance, because dedicated hosting gives you a 100% guarantee that the resources you pay for belong exclusively to you and no one else is able to use them. An unscrupulous VPS hosting provider could, for example, give the CPU resources that are not used by your website at the moment to someone else, to get more profit from a single physical machine, so you’ll never know whether your performance will be at the highest level possible. With a dedicated server, you will.

Another key element a dedicated server provides you with is security. Again, you have a dedicated server, and the chance that the server is hacked or its operation is in any way harmed by others is minimized.

Moreover, if we take not only the virtual security but also the physical security into consideration, we should take into account the conditions in which the dedicated hosting provider’s servers are kept. If you are looking for a secure dedicated hosting provider, we recommend you to buy dedicated server Europe provided by a reliable hosting provider HostZealot, who offers dedicated servers at datacenters that are located in the following data centers: Interxion (London), Atman (Warsaw), GleSYS (Stockholm) and AMS1 (Amsterdam) that are considered to be secure datacenters.

Control. A dedicated server means maximum control over your system. You have root access which gives you a deep-level control over the resources on your device, which is available only if your resources aren’t shared between different users. Furthermore, you can choose the operating system you need, be it a Windows server or any of the numerous Linux distributions, you can install any software you would require – not only because you have enough space and power for that, but also because you don’t have to reckon with any neighbors that would be present on shared hosting or on the virtual private server.

Flexibility and customization. Opting for a dedicated server you get the freest hand to implement any custom configuration of the server as you see fit. Just calculate the needs of your project and choose, how much memory, storage, CPU cores, etc. you need. If your needs change over time, just contact your hosting provider and you’ll be able to adjust anew. This way you’ll also achieve the maximum cost-efficiency, paying for the exact quantity of resources you need.

Uptime. If you are dealing with a website, uptime is a crucial characteristic of its success. The more time your website is up, the higher the probability that your potential customers will find it where it has to be and access the services you provide. For the maximum success of your site, you have to strive for over 99% of uptime. Even if the site is up for 99% of the time, which seems quite decent at the first glance this means a downtime of about 7 hours a month, which is quite a lot. To achieve the best result, find a reliable provider guaranteeing about 99,98% or 99,99% of uptime. Luckily, with dedicated hosting, you can be sure that the hardware won’t betray you, and that your site will be up for the maximum time possible.

Why Europe?

Now that we know how many benefits you can get from a dedicated server, let’s consider why it’s best to opt for one in Europe. The reason here is that location matters and the closer you are to your target audience, the higher the speed they can access your site with. If your target audience is located mostly in Europe, that dedicated hosting in Europe will be the optimal choice for a serious business there.