Cybersecurity Company Stairwell Raises $4,5M In Seed Funding

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Below is our recent interview with Mike Wiacek, CEO at Stairwell:

Q: This is the first time we have spoken. Can you provide a brief overview of Stairwell?

A: Stairwell is a new cybersecurity company with a vision to enable any security team to defend against every attacker by turning fragmented data into an understanding of what’s good, what’s bad, and why.

For context: There were close to 4,000 confirmed breaches last year, nearly double from the year before, according to the latest Verizon Databreach Investigations Report. Enterprises can’t keep pace with the rapid iteration of attacks without an army of analysts because existing tools are focused on macro security trends, not how those trends impact their specific environments.

With Chronicle, I started to see how different approaches to a challenge could yield different results. I have that same mindset with Stairwell. We are giving companies capabilities they haven’t even thought of yet. We are aiming to provide security teams with accessible, user-centric tools that help them understand the pivotal relationships between their external and internal data sources. With this intelligence, organizations will be in a much stronger position to proactively combat the most sophisticated and dangerous cyber attacks.

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Q: Aren’t other companies already doing this? What makes Stairwell unique?

A: There’s nothing like what we are building on the market today.

Q: Can you describe a typical use case or customer scenario for your Solution?

A: We have discussed the capabilities of our product with a number of companies, from Fortune 100 to smaller organizations. We want to protect the 25 person law firm as much as the multinational financial institutions. We are seeing a lot of excitement around our vision and strategy, which is the most reassuring thing even at this stage.

Q: You’ve recently raised $4,520,000 in Seed funding; can you tell us something more?

A: We are focused on putting the best team together possible – we want people who are motivated by solving tough problems and want to build something from the ground up with us. We’re also looking to build a multidisciplinary group – software engineers, physicists, applied mathematicians, and so on – that will bring diverse perspectives and unique ideas to solve shortcomings in cybersecurity.

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Q: What are your plans for the future? Do you have any new features in the Pipeline?

A: Our product functionalities or capabilities are still in stealth, but I can share that we are trying to solve a problem that is pervasive. There’s an expectation that unless you are a sophisticated organization like a FAANG or three letter agency, there is a whole category of attacks you have no chance defending against. If we don’t want to write that off and we want to help those people and make the internet safer for not just the wealthy and well resourced, what does that tool look like? That is what we’re working to develop. We are working to level the playing field.