CryomatiKs Is Powering Vehicles With The Air We Breathe

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CryomatiKs Inc. is a product development company that is commercializing patented designs that provide zero emission solutions using the air that we all breathe as a type of “fuel” for powering transportation vehicles and other equipment. Below is our recent interview with Mark Cann, from CryomatiKs:

Q: Mark, can you tell us something more about your technology and your end to end process?

A: Our end to end process not only prevents the release of future pollution by transitioning vehicles over to zero emissions, but removes existing pollution as well. When air is chilled into a liquid, impurities are removed leaving the air cleaner than before. Our technology also ties together the “wrong time” electricity from variable sources such as wind and solar into “fuel” for transportation but also energy storage for utilities, micro-grids, and distributed energy resources.

There simply is no other single technology that has the potential of our Cryo based EcoSystem.

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Q: What are the key benefits of using it?

A: Our technology is quite unique in that a small number of modular designs creates an entire ecosystem of all natural energy products. First of all, our primarily material is the free, abundant air that we all breathe every single day, it’s just air! The atmospheric air can not be controlled by any one entity, group, or state. People have been concerned for decades about the percentage of the oil markets controlled by OPEC. Chinese companies control over 80% of the raw materials required for batteries that are currently being used for EVs. The air is available everywhere on the planet and can not be controlled.

Next, our solutions are zero emissions but still provide the all-important 5 minute quick re-fueling that everyone is already used to having with gasoline/diesel powered vehicles. Also, the non-toxic nature of Liquid Air allows for convenient fuel delivery services.

Having Liquid Air “fuel” onboard allows for optional high efficiency wireless charging. When you combine the potential of 5 minute quick re-fueling, safe and easy fuel delivery services, and high efficiency wireless charging, there’s no other single technology that provides so much potential. We call this next generation of vehicles enabled by our Cryo Energy EcoSystem “EVs 2.0” since we have addressed the issues that are holding back the average person from permanently switching to an EV.

Remember, we remove existing pollution from the air as well!

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Initially, commercial fleet operators that have a specific operating area with a centralized location for fueling and maintenance. We can offer extremely low operating cost per mile, low upfront cost relative to alternatives, as well as meeting the increasing stringent emissions guidelines that are being implemented near densely populated areas such as busy city streets. Lower cost and cleaner air is a win for everyone.

Market roll out will be expanded beyond commercial fleet vehicles and repeated for portable power generators. The same benefits apply, lower cost and cleaner air for everyone.

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Q: What’s the best thing about CryomatiKs that people might not know about?

A: Not everyone has a frame of reference for chilling the we breathe down into a cold liquid. This process is over 100+ years old and is common as electricity itself. In fact, the world’s ability to grow food is based entirely on Liquid Air as nitrogen is distilled (to synthesize fertilizers) after the air we breathe has been chilled into a liquid. What people may not recognize is that this cold liquid, remembered it’s just air, is also storing the energy that was used to chill the air in the first place. This is what allows the air to serve as a type of “fuel.” Here’s an introductory video where we show a cold liquid chilled from the air we breathe being turned back into electricity.

Q: What can we expect from CryomatiKs in next 12 months?

A: There will be a lot of testing this year followed up by a program for last mile delivery vehicles next year. Following the delivery vehicle programs, we’ll also start the initial roll out of our portable generator programs, forklift programs, and recreational vehicle type programs. Delivery vehicles will remain the priority for the time being as the demand for zero emission solutions that are economical for that use case is significant. Right now, there’s billions pouring into solutions for zero emission delivery vehicles.

We can have cleaner air, clearer skies, and economic prosperity all at the same time. People can follow the progress of our technology at CryoEnergy.Tech and the progress of the company commercializing this amazing technology.