Cowrium Help SMBs Use Advanced Technologies Like Blockchain And Grow Their Business

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Cowrium is a Multidimensional Decentralized Blockchain Platform. Below is our recent interview with Emmanuel Haastrup, the Founder of Cowrium:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Cowrium?

A: At Cowrium, our goal is to help SMEs use advanced technologies like blockchain and grow their business, The platform will enable businesses to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for their products or services. Cowrium is more like a financial ecosystem that connects businesses with their customers through blockchain technology. The platform is powered by our native token Cowrie, and will soon be up for distribution on our ICO.

The reason behind starting Cowrium was to develop a platform that can help businesses grow while offering convenience to its customers, without creating a burden on themselves.

Q: Why are you different?

A: Why we are different! The biggest challenge in blockchain and crypto adoption has always been complexity. Cowrium is going to be an extremely easy-to-use platform, which anyone can pick up in seconds. We truly value the idea of mainstream blockchain adoption and believe that ‘Convenience’ has to play a major role in that. Hence we have prioritized that aspect while developing our payment gateway.

Secondly, we prioritize the user’s choice. Our solution offers a low cost and more rewarding transaction option for both consumers as well as businesses. While consumers can pay using any cryptocurrency of their choice, merchants can also accept the payment as per their choice of crypto.

One of our most unique aspects is the fact that we allow businesses to create loyal customers by rewarding them with Cowrie Coins through the Cowrium Loyalty Program.

Q: What are the key benefits of using Cowrium?

A: As I said earlier, our sole aim is to help small and medium-sized businesses, by enabling them to operate using advanced technology like blockchain. Blockchain and crypto have always been a subject of interest for the ones who understand the technicalities deeply. But our solution is aimed to allow even middle-class businessmen to sit on top of arguably the world’s most unique technology, and benefit out of it.

In my opinion, data security, and privacy are the two most talked-about issues in regard to business transactions. And there is no other technology apart from blockchain that provides the highest level of security, transparency, and privacy. As I said, we aim to help SMEs optimize their business, reduce transaction fees, and increase revenue. In that context, we do not want to compromise on transactional security. Hence, Blockchain!

Q: What other great feature about Cowrium that people might not know about?

A: Firstly, Cowrium offers equal benefits to merchants as well as customers. All our products and services have a multidimensional aspect to them – Multicurrency Payment System, Multicurrency ICO platform, etc. Moreover, we have also incorporated a decentralized exchange named CowDEX and a crypto-fiat direct transfer platform named Errand Boy. We have adopted the concept of ‘Single Platform, Multiple Benefits’.

Cowrie, the native cryptocurrency of our platform will power the entire ecosystem. It has been developed as an easy-to-use and convenient crypto that can be used to pay for products and services. Anyone with a mobile and desktop can use the token through a dedicated wallet. Moreover, it is one of the few tokens to support mobile mining. As I said earlier, our main aim is to drive crypto adoption and Cowrie, being very convenient to use, will play a major role in it.

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Q: What can we expect from Cowrium in next 12 months?

A: So far, we are overwhelmed by the response we have received. We have already established strong partnerships with multiple online as well as offline businesses. And we look forward to a successful token launch so that we can extend all our service offerings at the earliest.

We are very excited about Cowrium and the potential it has to completely revolutionize the way marketplaces operate. The possibilities are endless, especially with our AI system that predicts market volatility and protects Cowrie. But, we are not looking too far ahead, but are taking it one step at a time. Our immediate goal is to successfully launch the token, and partner with more businesses.

We have only revealed a tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable blockchain solutions yet to be revealed from our platform.