Could Suntsu Be The One-Stop Shop For Your Company’s Technology Needs?

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Every step of the journey from product conception to end-user delivery is fraught with more challenges than any can know without trying it for themselves. Just think about all those crowdsourced products that never deliver. Some of it is due to shameless fraud. But I strongly believe most of it is due to the fact that no one is really prepared for everything that goes into producing a successful product.

There is an entire industry for every minute component. How do you choose the right company for oscillators, flexible PCBs, and help with sourcing? Trying to find the perfect specialist for each component can be unrealistic. Your better bet could be to find a shop that can do it all. There are pros and cons. When you conceive of a product, you imagine using the best parts and services available. But the best is often the enemy of the good. Also, best is an elusive concept. There is always something better.

On the other hand, the benefits of using a company that can do it all include the following:

1. Pricing is usually better when you purchase many things from one place.
2. You increase time to market by eliminating wasted effort sourcing individual products and services.
3. You eliminate confusion by only having to deal with one representative for everything.

There is no one company that can supply every tech need. But for some time, Suntsu is becoming close to earning their place at the height of the industry as more and more people look for product manufacturing needs. As America gets back to work rebuilding from the COVID-19 pause on infrastructure and manufacturing firms like Suntsu lie in waiting for the rebound. Here are some of the reasons why they are ready for whats coming:

Supply Chain Management

You can find a surprisingly broad array of products and services at One that you might not expect is supply chain management. When you are producing a product, you need more than a widget here and there. You need a supply chain and a way to manage it all. Even simple products can have dozens of parts. You cannot build more products than the number of widgets you have on hand. If you are short on supply for even the least significant part, you can’t build more products until you acquire more.

Different companies have different focuses. So you might take a second look at a company that specializes in the supply chain for a mobile workforce. Other companies might specialize in a particular region. You might have to get more than one solution to cover every contingency. But starting out, you don’t need to cover every contingency. You need to focus on producing quality products without having to worry about sourcing and supply management.


An antenna is a piece of equipment that facilitates communication between two or more machines. Whether sending or receiving, antennas are at the heart of all communications. One of the hottest trends is near-field communication (NFC). That is when one machine passes or receives information with another machine at touching distance. That is what powers tap to pay debit and credit cards.

The size of the contactless payment market will expand to $4.6 trillion by 2027. Covid has made us all a bit skittish when it comes to unnecessary contact with anything in public. Suntsu will be at the forefront of that revolution with its NFC antenna offerings. It is rare to find a company that can help with both supply chain management and intricate parts for communications.

Engineering Services

What sets Suntsu apart besides its broad range of parts and management offerings is its engineering services that would be useful for any manufacturing startup. You might have a great idea on paper. But in reality, you find that you have designed yourself into a corner. That is when you need engineers on hand who understand the material and can supply or recommend the right tech to get you out of that corner and back into the game. They are not there to design your project. But they can assess your challenge and recommend the right part that keeps you and your project moving forward. Every project suffers some sort of engineering setback. The difference between failure and success is who you have in your corner to provide custom products and modular solutions to fit your specific needs.

Suntsu will not be the one-stop shop for everyone. But for those who need help with sourcing and supply chain management, intricate, next-gen parts, and engineering support that transforms roadblocks into on-ramps, it will be worth visiting for more information.