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Below is our recent interview with Netanel Baruch, Online Marketing at

Netanel Baruch

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to

A: helps SMBs and independent business owners to create a community from their Twitter followers and increase their customer base every day from Twitter.

In practice, this means that helps small businesses get results on Twitter. This includes followers management, finding new relevant followers/leads for your business, creating authentic relationships with influencers in your field, and much more. It’s a great tool that many online businesses use to amplify their message and get results.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Happily.’s features are built to give you leverage and make every minute that you spend on social media be maximally contributive to your business goals. provides meaningful insights – from follower management that helps you keep growing your audience effectively while maintaining quality, to relationship management that helps you build relationships with influencers in your field, to intelligent content suggestions that help you lead the conversation and be involved in it, and much more. will help you reach a relevant audience for your business and generate leads.

Another useful feature is that we can help you schedule your tweets to the best time. The best time to send is based on intelligent AI that selects the best time to publish your tweet according to your timezone and followers’ activity – and schedules for that time to maximize reach and engagement.

Finally, we measure the results and so business owners can gain insights into what really works for their customer base and monitor KPIs that are really meaningful for their business.

Q: Can you provide more details about the content sharing feature?

A: Of course. It’s not easy to come up with ideas for quality content consistently. Our system features smart content curation – helping you share relevant content that is of interest for your audience. This makes it easy for you to engage, add value and create a high-quality relationship with your community. Here’s how it looks in the product:

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Because Twitter is an endless feed that updates literally thousands of times per second, it’s important to keep adding value and being part of the conversation. Sharing relevant content at the right time, and using that as a basis for conversations and engagement, is a great way to do that.

Q: What are the benefits of using your platform?

A: First, we provide everything in one place – an array of marketing tools in one easy UI that is accessible both to novice and expert users. Also and quite uniquely, our platform generates actionable insights – intelligent suggestions that you can immediately apply from within the system. It’s much more than simple advice – for example, we suggest relevant high-quality content to share, specific people to engage with, followers to touch base with and so much more. has many more features that help you grow your business through social media. Everything you see in the system comes from best practices – we are experts on Twitter work with the most twitter followers accounts and have a deep understanding of how the system works, so we take that knowledge and experience that we’ve accumulated and passed it on to our customers via the product.

Q: What is important to do in order to succeed on Twitter?

A: That’s a big question 🙂 One useful way to look at it is this model called The Hierarchy of Twitter Greatness. You can find yourself on the pyramid shown below and see what could be the steps for you take to achieve the next level of success on Twitter.

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Another little tip is positioning. While it’s important to avoid hyperbole and silly labels, being too humble is also an issue. People have little time and you have to make it easy for them to understand what it is that you are the best in the world in.

A funny little example is that studies show that if you describe yourself as a guru, you’re likely to get an average of 100 more followers than the average “non-guru” Twitter user. This is just an example – it doesn’t mean that you need to call yourself a guru, but choose a proper, serious label that is appropriate for what you know and represent, whether it’s an expert, an author, etc. Pick a well-respected title that applies to your line of work.

Q: Can Twitter be used for lead generation? How?

A: SURE! Twitter is a great place to find new leads. A good way to start is from a common keyword that most of your potential customers are likely to use. Try a few of these; makes it easy to continuously monitor them. After that, continue similarly to monitor for relevant brand mentions, including your competitors. Once identified and verified, use the context shown within to engage with those potential customers in a relevant way and build a relationship. It’s important not to be too salesy; be contextual and provide value first.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Great question 🙂 While we can’t share everything yet, we can say we’ve started working with some of the world’s leading companies on a ground-breaking, 360-degree social networking solution. This a solution for brands that face an enormous amount of discussions and mentions on social media and need a way to monitor, measure and manage it all in a way that integrates with their organization. It goes deeper than any existing solution; this is going to be a solution for companies and brands that are truly on the cutting edge of integrating social media into everything they do. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us!