College Student’s Digital Marketing Agency Expands Staff And Capabilities Via Blockchain And AI-Power

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ARBO Corporation, a noticeable digital marketing agency specializing in large-scale, innovative website design and corporate digital marketing, recently increased capacity by more than 700 percent by investing in an automated account services team, powered by artificial intelligence, voice search, chatbots, and The Dark Web.

In the merciless world of digital marketing, where competition is intense, talent is rare and clients are wary, one of the top ways to remain viable is to innovate. ARBO invested over $10,000 in infrastructure in Q1 2018 to expand capabilities, incorporating artificial intelligence, blockchain, chatbots, The Dark Web and personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby.

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ARBO mailed each client a Google Home device to streamline account services. The move creates a virtual capacity 7 times higher than the current employee-base.

“Innovation is undeniably crucial to remaining competitive in such a low-bid, aggressive industry,” stated ARBO Corporation President Beauregard Moody. “While other digital marketing firms use conventional service models, we stepped back and examined agency standards as a whole-then created a way to beat those standards. Every one of them.”

ARBO’s has created a new technology platform, which is commonly referred to as ARI. It can replicate and imitate the already highly-involved client service with reliable, assessable results current clients are used to.

“While we can never replace the value of our human team,” stated Beauregard Moody, “ARBO believes its clients will appreciate the 24/7/365 service levels ARI can provide. Plus, she sounds spicy and smart.”

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The ARI platform is also designed to assist in selling and supporting a multitude of new services from ARBO’s human employees, including Website Design, Email Marketing, Mobile Application Creation, Voice Search Optimization Strategy, and Conversion Rate Optimization. If you feel that your company has a need for any of the previously listed services, or you want to hear the spicy voice of ARI, please contact the ARBO Corporation.

Guest story written by: ARBO Corporation;