Cloudticity Helps Healthcare Organizations Design, Build, Migrate, And Manage HIPAA-Compliant Solutions

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Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations design, build, migrate, and manage HIPAA-compliant solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company was started just over six years ago with the mission of helping every human on earth get healthier through the work they do. It’s an audacious goal, but they’re using technology to move the state of healthcare forward every day. Below is our interview with Gerry Miller, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cloudticity:

Q: Who are you primary clients?

A: We focus exclusively on healthcare technology, but as it turns out, that’s a wide range of organizations. Our clients include providers like hospital chains, payers like health insurers, and a myriad of third-party companies that sell into the healthcare space, such as health information exchanges, care coordination platforms, and risk management solutions. We also have a growing list of advanced next-gen healthcare technology clients, including some really interesting plays in IoT and artificial intelligence.

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Q: Tell us a little about technology that drives your platform?

A: At Cloudticity, we focus heavily on automation. Because our clients all run on AWS, we have the advantage of programmable infrastructure. With no legacy baggage, and no physical infrastructure, we can accomplish in minutes what used to take weeks or months.

For example, let’s say a client needs to stand up a new application stack for testing. In the past, this may have involved a convoluted procurement process to buy the necessary hardware. Weeks or maybe months later, servers would show up at a loading dock, and the client would have to pay staff to unload the boxes, rack the servers, burn them in, worry about cooling and power distribution and spare parts…you get the picture. Plus, the company would have to pay for those servers all at once, and maybe not even need them after the testing is complete.

Fast forward to a cloud environment. If a client needs to stand up an application stack, we can execute a quick command-line script, go get a cup of coffee, and by the time we’re back the entire environment is ready. The client pays by the second, and can instantly tear the stack down once they’re finished testing. What tooks months and hundreds of thousands of dollars now takes moments and pennies. Imagine the increased agility, time-to-market, and ability to experiment with new features that our clients experience today!

We engineered our purpose-built managed services platform, Cloudticity Oxygen™, from the ground up to help with HIPAA compliance and management of high-volume, mission critical applications. Written entirely using AWS-native services, we heavily leverage tools like API Gateway, Lambda, Kinesis, and also include a lot of machine learning for automated anomaly detection and remediation.

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Q: What kind of solutions do you offer to your clients?

A: Cloudticity has two main offerings: professional services, and managed services. In the professional services arena, we have both AWS Healthcare and DevOps Competencies, and are uniquely qualified to help clients design systems natively for AWS, or migrate existing systems to AWS. Cloudticity also has a great track record of helping clients completely automate their CICD pipelines through strong DevOps automation.

On the managed services side, Cloudticity Oxygen help clients in three main areas:

  • Traditional managed services, including 24x7x365 helpdesk, incident management and escalations, full monitoring of the AWS environment health and performance, and automation of routine tasks such as patching.
  • Continuous compliance, including thousands of configuration checks for both the AWS infrastructure as well as operating system configuration.
  • A Security Operations Center that provides 24x7x365 protection against malicious activity, including intrusion detection and prevention, file integrity monitoring, log monitoring, firewall protection, and application execution control.

Q: What is your focus for the next 6-12 months?

A: Cloudticity continues to push the envelope on automation, and we will keep enhancing Cloudticity Oxygen with up to several new releases every day. We’re investing heavily, for example, in deeper artificial intelligence for automated detection and remediation of events. We’re also enhancing client-facing dashboards for deeper real-time visibility into things like compliance footprints and system status. Finally, we’re mapping Cloudticity Oxygen checks to thousands of controls across several compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, and ISO 27001.