How C&A Technology Is Changing The JDE And SAP Landscape

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Below is our recent interview with Aubrey Evens, Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development at C&A Technology:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to C&A Technology?

Aubrey Evens: C&A Technology’s (CAT) value proposition is that our staff is comprised of professionals with at least 15 years of senior-level JD Edwards (JDE) and SAP ERP product knowledge experience, as well as experts in our core industries. Our company specializes in Industrial Manufacturing and Consumer Products Solutions for both JDE and SAP.

At CAT, our strong belief is that we best service our customers by aligning their business systems with their business strategies enabled by technologies such as JDE and SAP.

Q: When you say you are industry- specific can you give examples?

Aubrey Evens: We pride ourselves on having broad and deep micro-vertical knowledge associated with our focused industries. The proprietary value that we bring to our customers is that our staff is highly skilled in various industries and business process.

While we can configure that to include JDE and SAP, our collective experience means that we can dig deep to identify our client’s mission and strategy and, with this knowledge, are able to rapidly surface a prioritized work effort aligned with mission and strategy.

As an example, some of our B2B expertise includes Industrial Manufacturing industries such as Tier 1 and 2 Automotive, and Life Sciences for Medical Devices. Our consumer products focus are Food and Beverage, and Dairy and Agriculture.

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Q: You launched your SAP practice in January 2019; could you tell us something more?

Aubrey Evens: Our SAP consulting practice expands CAT’s services and solutions to a new base of ERP users.

We selected SAP because of its best-in-class software servicing the Industrial Manufacturing and Consumer Product Industries we specialize in. We brought in Don Mackenzie, a long-term SAP expert with direct experience in sales and solution architecture, to lead our SAP practice and leverage his SAP knowledge in our target industries. Don also brings sixteen years of JDE experience where he held both sales consulting and solution architect roles.

Our signature is providing highly responsive services where our clients can select the solution that fits their needs – from planning and implementation to version migration and even LATAM localization. By having both JDE and SAP expertise in one team, CAT offers the unique ability for companies to migrate from JDE to SAP – or vice versa.

Q: A significant focus at SAPPHIRE was the purchase of Qualtrics? What do you think of this Strategy and how does that relate to ERP?

Aubrey Evens: SAP has always provided operational software solutions that deliver SAP’s O-data repository. Qualtrics provides what they call experience management (XM), using X-data to supplement SAP’s O-data to increase a data-driven awareness of experience-related issues. This data will inform and enable decisions to improve experience topics. This is an emerging area that many companies are prioritizing aggressively.

Qualtrics is a subscription software in the experience management (XM) software space that collects and analyzes data for market research, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product and concept testing, employee evaluations, and website feedback.

Qualtrics sells its tools to entire organizations as a platform to capture experience data, and is a perfect extension to helping CAT clients service its customers in a holistic way. We will most certainly embrace this technology in fulfilling our business and industry focus.

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Q: What can we expect from C&A Technology in the future?

Aubrey Evens: CAT will continue to expand on further SAP company models for the Industrial Manufacturing and Consumer Products industries. This will enable us to provide a comprehensive industry-specific SAP solution that meets our customers’ business requirements. Our plans include developing Accelerators to increase implementation efficiency for our customers.