bvoip’s Platform Delivers A Highly Integration Phone System In The Cloud For The IT Channel

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Below is our recent interview with George Bardissi, President & CEO at bvoip:

Q: bvoip offers the full blown phone system platform in the cloud; what are main advantages of your platform?

A: bvoip’s platform delivers phone systems in the cloud without a doubt. The main goal behind our solution is that our partners who are IT firms or Managed Services Providers can deliver the best experience at scale to their end customers. While we have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort building out the tools, systems, dashboarding, and monitoring for our partners. We surely want them to deliver on the end customer’s expectations around modern communications. The main advantages are:

1. Work from anywhere
2. Use practically any device
3. Integration device management
4. One-to-many billing schemes
5. Heavy customization and call flow control
6. Deep integration and contact center capability

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Q: bvoip has added in-app dialing, quality control, and dashboard features to 1Stream; can you give us more insights?

A: 1Stream is our flagship offering. The goal here is to have a business conversation about business workflow, automation, staff accountability, and outright speed up of tasks. 1Stream bridges the gap between the line-of-business apps that are in use and how your various departments like sales, support, customer service, & back office function on a day-to-day basis. We are releasing features at a breakneck speed and continue to drive innovation to do more than just make the phone ring.

Q: Can you tell us something about bvoip partner program?

A: bvoip’s partner program is designed from the ground up to be extremely easy for the IT or MSP to adopt. We have a white glove onboarding approach to get our partners up to speed as quickly as they can allocate time to learn. We also make things very simple by not locking our partners into long term agreements. Simply put, they can opt out with 30 days’ notice for any service at any time. Lastly, there are no minimum commitments in terms of volume or revenue targets. We surely want everyone to grow since bvoip is a channel only company we only grow when our partners grow too!

Q: You have an aggressive roadmap ahead of you; can you tell us something more?

A: Since November, not a week has gone by without new features being released. We are on a rapid development schedule which we find a benefit so that our partners and ultimately their end users don’t have to wait for more methodical quarterly, bi-annual, or annual releases. There are some great integrations in the works with other software vendors in multiple categories. We are nearing the release of our very tight integration into the Microsoft stack which is timely as all of the Microsoft 365 solutions have sky rocketed due to work from home scenarios.

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Q: What’s the best thing about bvoip that people might not know about?

A: bvoip has over 200+ integrations that have been built since our inception. They span multiple categories from anywhere to simple things like click-to-dial to full blown CRM/ERP/PSA integration.