Bringing The New-Tech Vision To Dubai – TekRevol Launches In Dubai To Change The Technology Landscape

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Below is our recent interview with Abeer Raza, Co-Founder of Tekrevol:

Q: Let’s start off with a general introduction of Tekrevol, what it does, and what your objectives are.

A: We’re Tekrevol, and we’re at the heart of offering technological development solutions to startups, SMBs, and enterprise businesses. We started as a dream, from a small bedroom and in the last 6 years we’ve expanded to 4 continents. Over the years, we’ve learned the alchemy of leveraging technology to its peak, hence the reason we’ve helped countless businesses reshape their technology stack to become more efficient and help entrepreneurs scale their businesses based on their vision.

From mobile app development and web development to game development, we provide a wide range of tech solutions that are custom-designed based on your business requirements.

Our mission is to bring down the barriers to entry within entrepreneurship and empower aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to bring their vision to life through our technology solutions. We’ve done it in the US, winning multiple industry leadership awards. With the pandemic increasing struggles for businesses, we felt like this was the right time to bring our expertise to the MENA region, to help businesses fend off the troubles caused by the pandemic and help them scale, pivot, and be successful.

We have a simple yet an immensely relentless working approach that says, “Learn, Ideate, Incubate, Iterate, and Scale.”

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Q: You call your people “Tekrevolutionaries.” Can you explain the term a little more to our readers?

A: Well, that’s what we call ourselves, the team at Tekrevol. As I told you earlier, it is our common belief and understanding that with the inclusion of technological aspects in the business, they can simply upgrade and revolutionize their performance, customer services, and business outcomes. And since we have been at the forefront of providing unparalleled technology solutions to businesses from various industries, we bring about substantial modifications and revolution to their businesses, hence Tekrevolutionaries.

Q: After years of serving the technological industry in the USA, you are now moving towards Dubai. What do you have to say about that?

A: Well, Dubai is undeniably an international hub for all the right reasons. The city has become the industrial center for most businesses that tend to have a significant impact on the entire fiscal system of the world. With a rapidly growing industrial and investment sector, we believe that by stepping into the industries in Dubai and collaborating with them to scale their business technologically, we can further unleash our potential and the potential of the business ecosystem within the entire MENA region.

Moreover, the pandemic itself presents a unique opportunity for businesses to force a technological disruption in the current ecosystem, and for us, we want to empower that movement in the MENA region, just like we’ve done in the States.

Q: What major industries do you focus on specifically, and how do you think that the “Tekrevolution” could change these industries in The MENA region?

A: We work with businesses from any industry; as long as there is room for technological empowerment, we’re there. Be it healthcare, real estate, oil and gas, education, entertainment, or any other industry you can think of.

In terms of changing industries, I think Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning can really change the way businesses operate and bring efficiency to a whole new level. From installing AI-based systems in the Oil and Gas industry to changing E-commerce through smart sensors and blockchain, there’s a lot of potential change that we aim to bring.

Augmented reality in apparel and home renovations to Virtual reality in Real Estate, there are so many advancements that we aim to bring to the table.

I think that the Tekrevolution is about changing both the business and the technology landscape in the MENA region and change the speed at which things are done.

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Q: What’s one thing that most people get wrong about the way the MENA region works?

A: I think a lot of companies come to the MENA region and work the way they did in the US or in Europe, but there’s a fundamental difference between how people in the region work. People here demand more personalization, more inter-personal relations, and more relatability. They like to work with people who understand the language, the culture, and the people. For this, there’s a crucial need for you to mold yourselves in their image and make efforts to become more localized. That’s what most businesses don’t focus on.

Q: You’ve won plenty of awards in the US, the Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award for 2021, Build Architecture Awards in Real State, The Horizon Interactive Awards in Games and Entertainment, Clutch Awards for Best App Development Company. How long do you think it will take for you to win similar awards in Dubai?

A: I think it took us around 3 years to start winning industry awards when we first started. We were bootstrapped, so we didn’t have the capital to expand our resources immediately. It took us a couple of years to optimize our processes and become industry leaders. What we have right now is a system that we have built that ensures success in the industry. We’re hopeful that by the end of the year, we’ll be winning awards in Dubai and becoming local industry leaders very soon.

Q: To close off, if you had one sentence to summarize what Tekrevol’s vision with MENA is, what would that vision be?

A: We want to become a crucial part of the entrepreneurial and business ecosystem, empowering startups and SMBs, while working with enterprise companies to implement cutting-edge technology to redefine what it means to be a successful business. Our vision is to empower individuals with ideas and help them realize their entrepreneurial goals using our expertise.