BLIP Systems Becomes Part Of Gentrack Group Ltd To Boost Technology Range

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Written by: Christian Bugislaus Carstens, Marketing Manager at BLIP Systems


Gentrack Group has acquired the majority shareholder position in BLIP Systems, to bolster and expand its airport solutions.

BLIP Systems A/S is pleased to announce that it has concluded an acquisition agreement with Gentrack Group Ltd. This strategic acquisition will augment Gentrack’s software product range and expand its customer base worldwide.
In addition, Gentrack has acquired a majority shareholder position of Malta-based CA Plus Limited, a market leader in non-aeronautical revenue management system for airports, with installations in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

“We are really looking forward to becoming a part of Gentrack, which will give us a much stronger position in the market. A larger sales and service organisation, as well as a joint product offering, will enable us to offer new and existing functionalities to the market. There are strong synergies between Gentrack´s Airport 20/20, CA Plus´ CA+ Airport Performance Solution and the BlipTrack platform, which we look forward to present to existing and new customers,” says Peter Knudsen, CEO at BLIP Systems.


BLIP Systems and Gentrack have already been working close together for the past year in implementing the BlipTrack Queue and Flow Management solution at the UK’s Birmingham and Bristol airports, and at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand.

“BLIP Systems and CA Plus both have multiple airport customers in common with (Gentrack’s) Airport 20/20 and this has facilitated due diligence, says” Jon Kershaw, General Manager of Business Services at Gentrack. “Both solutions can now be integrated with Airport 20/20 to provide significant additional operational benefits and a unique product range for airport operators.”

BLIP Systems´ customers will gain access to an even larger team of airport optimisation experts and their comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, including the Gentrack´s Airport 20/20 and CA+ platforms.

About Gentrack Group Ltd:

Gentrack has an extensive history of developing, implementing and supporting its specialist software for energy utilities, water companies and airports. Established in 1989, Gentrack now has over 150 utilities and airports using its software – including some of the most innovative utilities companies in Australasia and the UK, and Tier 1 airports around the world. Active involvement in deregulating energy markets, reforming water markets, and rapidly evolving airport businesses has created unprecedented demand for Gentrack’s software solutions and professional services. As a result, Gentracks´ global presence is growing rapidly, with offices worldwide including Melbourne, London, and Auckland. Gentrack´s Airport 20/20 counts 73 airport customers worldwide, including Hong Kong, JFK T1, Newark Liberty, Sydney, Melbourne, Finavia and Santiago.


About BLIP Systems:

BLIP Systems is an information technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. The company specialises in creating analytic tools to transform pedestrian and vehicular flow into value, and creating easy-to-interpret decision-making tools. The in-house BlipTrack solution provides decision makers in various verticals with visibility on how to reduce queue and commuting times, optimise staffing resources, and maximise revenue, while maintaining a high level of customer service. BlipTrack is successfully employed in optimisation efforts at more than 25 international airports, including Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, JFK Airport in New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, Manchester, Dublin, Brussels, Geneva, San Diego, Keflavik and Edinburgh. In addition, the solution is implemented in road traffic applications in Switzerland, Thailand, New Zealand, the UK, Denmark and Sweden. In recent years, it has been rolled out in ports, train stations, ski resorts, amusement parks, and at events around the world.