BlackRidge Delivers Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions

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BlackRidge Technology was founded to address one of the key vulnerabilities in the Internet that is behind all cyber-attacks – that network connections do not require authentication. Without authentication, unidentified and unauthorized users and devices can scan, probe and access your networks and cloud services. This is how the telephone system worked before caller-ID, when you needed to answer the phone to determine a caller’s identity. BlackRidge provides a similar network caller-ID function that applies identity to network connections at the earliest possible time, on the “first packet” of information being sent. This stops the bad guys from even seeing your systems, so they can’t attack what they can’t see.

BlackRidge products have been tested and validated by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Energy, intelligence agencies, major IT vendors such as IBM and Ciena, and by major financial institutions.

Below is our interview with Mike Miracle, SVP Marketing and Strategy at BlackRidge Technology:

Mike Miracle

Q: You’ve recently extended the BlackRidge cyber defense solution with a new software release; could you tell us something more?

A: With the dynamic nature of mobile and cloud systems, we need network security controls that are also dynamic and that will work end-to-end across your enterprise and cloud systems. The new BlackRidge software release extends our breakthrough, first packet protection capability to end users’ systems, to cloud systems, and to company’s industrial control or Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

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Q: How do you see the industry of cyber security developing in the future, and where do you place BlackRidge?

A: Our Internet infrastructure and cloud systems continue to be very vulnerable to attack, and our attack surface is increasing as the Industrial IoT and consumer IoT converges with our enterprise IT networks. From a strategy perspective, it looks like the attackers have the upper hand. For a given target, the attackers need to only succeed once, while the defenders must successfully defend and protect their system every time. A single failure in the defense of a computer system allows an attacker in.

BlackRidge represents the next major advance in cyber defense towards a resilient enterprise that optimizes and protects services. BlackRidge renders previously successful attack methods impotent, leaving attackers to either develop new attacks or to go find easier or softer targets. Organizations employing these new cyber defenses from BlackRidge will be much better protected than the rest, less expensive to protect, and less vulnerable to compromise from cyber-attacks.

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Q: What kinds of solutions does BlackRidge offer to its clients?

A: BlackRidge offers software and cloud-based solutions that provide the following key cyber defense capabilities:

1. Isolate and Protect Cloud Services – BlackRidge provides a new level of cyber defense to isolate and protect critical services and provide access attribution across enterprises and hybrid clouds.

2. Microsegmentation – BlackRidge provides a software-based approach to segmentation with identity-based access controls to block or allow network connections. This provides granular and topology independent security zones on shared networks without creating separate physical or logical networks.

3. Isolate Management and Control Networks – BlackRidge isolates and protects IT management networks and IT/OT control planes from unauthorized users and devices.

Q: What can we expect from BlackRidge in the future?

A: The cyber environment is rapidly evolving with threats growing and diversifying, operational scale has increased far beyond the feasible scope for manual operations, and threat actor speed has increased. In the last year, the Internet of Things (IoT) became the new playground for launching cyber-attacks and Industrial IIoT is rapidly heading in the same direction. We see industrial control and IoT systems along with protecting blockchains as large new market opportunities that BlackRidge can address.