Biotechnology Company Virun Aims To Develop Products That Will Change The Industry Forever

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Virun was born from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Virun focused on improving the oral bioavailability of drugs and the way drugs worked in the body. They made drugs better, smart drugs and also developed and patented safe ways to make anything you put into your body work better and safer. Below is our interview with Philip Bromley, CEO and Co-founder of Virun:

Q: Could you tell us something more about OmegaH2O®?

A: OmegaH2O® is one of our flag ship technologies and products. OmegaH2O® originally was a clear water soluble emulsion (liquid that is a stable oil and water mixture). However, now, OmegaH2O® is a brand that signifies quality EPA DHA and Vegan DHA that is in many finished food, beverage and supplement products world-wide. Think of Intel® inside. OmegaH2O® is stable Omega 3 EPA DHA and DHA from Algal that are in products that taste amazing and typically replace sugars and bad fats. For example, there is a trending new brand named YourZooki™ that utilizes good fats in the form of EPA DHA Omega 3, MCT oils derived from Fats etc.. Consumers today do not want to swallow horse pills to supplement their Omega’s or health fats, we all want great tasting products that leave us satiated (feeling of been satisfied like a candy bar or great tasting pizza). OmegaH2O® is a brand that stands for flavor, stability and efficacy in a consumer food, beverage or dietary supplement containing Omega 3 EPA DHA. Seeing OmegaH2O® on your label means you are in for a healthy, life changing treat, literally!

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Q: What exactly is DPtechnology® and how does it work?

A: DPtechnology® stands for Direct Precision Technology and is the basis of our Probiferrin™ technology and improved bioavailability platform of proteins, peptides and probiotics. OK, so what does that all mean? Proteins, peptides and probiotics are found in dietary supplements that have extraordinary health benefits. For example, the protein peptide, Glutathione, is a peptide that actually has been shown to prevent damage to certain cells in the body, in essence stopping the aging process of cells. Other peptides, such as Cholecystokinin (CCK), can actually stimulate the digestion process and trick your body into thinking you are eating food when you are not. This allows your body to be in a state of high metabolism removing fat quickly by converting fat into energy. The problem with these proteins and peptides is that they are digested in the stomach and gut so they never actually make it to the body to have an effect. This is why people with diabetes have to inject insulin, because orally, the insulin is destroyed being it is a peptide composed of individual amino acids. Virun has developed and owns dozens of patents on a technology that has been clinically show to deliver peptides and proteins orally. DPtechnology® binds a natural iron binding protein called Lactoferrin to the health protein or peptide which keeps the protein from degrading in the gut and delivers the protein to blood plasma. These products under the DPtechnology® brand are being released to the market now and are the next generation of body-enhancing supplements that will change our lifestyles allowing us to perform better and maintain longevity.

Q: What is Virun’s story, how did you start?

A: In fact, Virun is an acronym for Virus-Immune. This is because we used (still do) technologies that work with your immune system that were Anti-Viral, which meant safe. The last decade, we have been focused more on dietary supplements, foods and beverages. This is because many new dietary supplements going to market were not being properly manufactured and delivered to the body. Consumers options for health fats (Omega 3, MCT Oil, Astaxanthin etc..) were in soft gels where the stability and dosing of these fats are compromised. Also, other ingredients like probiotics. Virun’s Probiferrin actually can bind to the gut wall of your intestines to deliver the probiotic. Probiotics themselves do not know how to navigate through your stomach and reach your gut microbiome, they don’t have a GPS or brain to do this. Virun’s Probiferrin gives probiotics direction and helps reach the gut and actually is clinically shown to colonize probiotics in the gut and kill bad bacteria. Virun started as Pharma and takes a Pharma approach toward technology and patented, clinically studied healthy dietary supplements.

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Q: What is your mission?

A: Our mission is to offer experiences to our customers and develop products that change the industry forever. We want soft gels and capsules to disappear. They hide chaos, much like when you stuffed all your dirty clothes in the closet when your parents asked us to clean our rooms. Soft gels are nothing more than dirty clothes in a closet. We want tasty bars with Omega’s and MCT from coconuts that provide heart health and energy. We want high doses of eye healthy Carotenoids, like Astaxanthin, Beta Carotene, Lutein and Lycopene in our food from yogurt, juice to tasty RTD beverages. We want dietary supplements to actually work, there are so many peptides and proteins that can alleviate joint pain (Calcitonin). There are proteins we produced, such as Hexarelin and GHRP-6, that increase growth hormone naturally through the pituitary that can make us sleep better, perform better and live longer. Our society is desperate and hungry for real results. I mean, seriously, the most innovative product this year is charcoal? Swallow a charcoal pill and reduce hang overs! The only think I am using charcoal for is my back yard BBQ.

Q: What advantages does Virun have over its competitors?

A: Our advantage are that we have real patents and inventions. We are a biotechnology company born from Pharma. Products we develop are patented and clinically proven. When a customer comes to us and wants to develop something that is truly game-changing, we offer product formulation and development that assures our customers their new product will fly-off store shelves and create new categories that will rack-in the cash. Many of our customers successfully sold their brands or businesses to larger companies or private equity firms for millions if not 10’s of millions. Our competitors are not as versatile as Virun. We can do dry spray dry powder encapsulation, stick pack powders, pouches, beverages, shots, multi serving liquid products. We do bars, chews. We even just created a chewable beverage where you drink the beverage and can actually eat the container! OK, that is weird, but who else spends their resources truly trying to innovate. Whether it’s omega DHA from algal in an instantized coffee powder or Waffles with CoQ10, butter and MCT from coconuts called Bulletproof Waffles; you name it, we are one step beyond it – that is Virun!