Beetle Eye Provides A Modern Marketing Automation Platform With High Level Of Customization

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Below is our recent interview with Evgeni Dimitrov, CEO of Beetle Eye:

Evgeni Dimitrov

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Beetle Eye?

A: For the lack of better term we classify Beetle Eye as a “marketing automation platform”, however, I think it’s definition lays beyond that.

Beetle eye combines features from both marketing and CRM platforms, but one big difference between us and other platforms is the very high level of customisation that you can get past the “out of the box” product.

This is not the typical situation where you are given a lot of tools or expect to hire a developer just to be able to do something. We actually sit and talk with clients to identify their specific needs, because we know that “one fits all” situation is rarely true, every business has specific needs. Then we offer custom tailored modules that do exactly what is needed. This was the case with clients like and

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: I will try to highlight some of the features because there are just too many to be mentioned in one single post.

Dynamic Lists: our platform will let you create logical filters against your existing data (using visual tools only) which will allow you to drill down into your lists for very specific groups of users. Filter categories can be: leads data, sales data, ‘near by’ (this will let you geofence leads), advanced lead tracking events. It’s interesting to note that the filter created is not static snapshot of your existing data but will keep applying itself up to the moment when a new campaign is being send.

Advanced Lead Tracking: will let you define (again only using visual tools), specific elements on your website like links or buttons that once triggered by the lead will report back into the platform. This data aggregates and allows you to re-target specific sub groups of people that have triggered specific events.

To put this feature in perspective imagine that you have sent a campaign to your leads talking about summer vacation in some destination (let’s pretend your business is a hotel), Advanced Lead Tracking will let you record people that are clicking on let’s say “Double King Room”. Ok, so now we know which of our leads are interested in that product.

Next month we have a special on it and we want to let people know, however we have this subset of users that are already interested so chances of booking are way higher! We create new campaign using the data from Advanced Lead Tracking combined with Dynamic Filters and launch a new campaign. There you go – you just increased significantly your chances for more business!

Automatic A/B Testing: Beetle Eye will allow you to setup A/B testing for your campaign subject line, define what percent of the list should be mailed before choosing a winner and after how many hours should the second part of the campaign should be mailed. The winning subject line will be chosen automatically by the system based on the open rate on each of the testing subjects.

Expandable Data Model: Our platform created the so called “liquid data model”, where the datasets are loosely defined. What this means is that we have a base data fields set that will help you get started but that does not mean that you are stuck to it. All the data field definitions can be sculpted per user needs. Imagine you are an agency and you need to manage 5 or 10 completely different businesses, this comes pretty handy.

Surveys: One can build using point-and-click tools a survey and host it directly on Beetle Eye.

Sales: Clients can connect to the Beetle Eye Sales API to post sales data. Beetle Eye will then create sales report and statistics but the more important part is that you can use this data inside Dynamic Filters and target groups of leads that have bought specific products or that have spent specific amount of money.

Q: Can you walk us through your pricing plans? Is there a trial period available?

A: There is a 14 day trial available. Beetle Eye is more or less “pay for what you use” model. You can see on our website that each plan gets specific amount of free emails per month as well.

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Q: What’s most important thing about email marketing that people should be aware of in order to succeed?

A: Delivering high quality and relevant content with properly built email templates is crucial for your success. Targeting very specific niches is always going to increase your success rate vs. “shooting in the dark” techniques. This is where we can help a lot.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are very excited about a new feature we’re working on, working title: “Smart Posts”. Basically we want to help businesses post “sale special” type of data once in Beetle Eye and then we will have the data being posted on Facebook, Instagram, feed it to any website or native mobile application and email. The big difference here is that we’re not just posting the data, but the client can use this data to send automated email campaigns with predefined dynamic templates. What this means is that a subscriber will get only active and fresh information without the need for the business to put manual labor all the time.

We are expecting this to be live within the next 2 months and we believe it will give even more edge of the product, so definitely come back to check us out or drop us a line and we can give you the tour!