Provides World-Class Analysis To Help Fans Be Successful In Their Fantasy Sports Leagues

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Below is our recent interview with Alex Baker, Author at

Q: Alex, can you tell us something more about

A: Winning $100,000 in a day playing fantasy sports is pretty sweet. Since you can make more money in a day playing fantasy sports than in a year in most occupations, many people have become professional fantasy sports players. These guys spend hours a day finding the best ways to draft their fantasy lineups. Every sports fan wants to win a life-changing amount of money in their tournament but most fall short of their goal because they don’t utilize the best strategies. That’s where comes in. offers world-class analysis to help fans be successful in their fantasy sports leagues. To build the best lineups you need to know the players with the best chance of success every night and the sleepers – players who aren’t as popular that can be difference makers in a fantasy league. Awesemo offers everything from free articles and videos providing fantasy analysis to daily projections for athlete performance.

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Q: Alex, can you tell us something more about yourself? How did your company come into being?

A: Everyone wants to tell you who they think are the best players in sports. I’ve been playing daily fantasy professionally since 2015 so you can be sure my advice is solid. In 2017 I became the #1 overall daily fantasy player, a title which I’ve held ever since. But I realized that as more fantasy players were becoming more sophisticated, the average sports fan was being left in the dust. That’s why I started – to give fantasy hobbyists the resources to improve their game.

Q: Do you have any tips for our readers on how to become a better DFS player?

A: Identifying the athletes who are the most likely to perform well on a given night is easier than you would think. Fantasy sports is becoming more like playing a poker game, you have to figure out who your opponents are going to be drafting so you can pick the right players to counter their strategies. I offer lots of free articles for how to boost your DFS game in every respect at our website.

Q: What is the best thing about Awesemo that people might not know about?

A: There are thousands of people who share a love of daily fantasy sports and that’s why we maintain a Slack Chat for all of our members. There you can link up with other fantasy die-hards to talk about anything from daily fantasy strategy to why your team is the best.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: In 2018 the Supreme Court paved the way for legalized sports betting in the United States. I believe that daily fantasy sports players are the people who are best positioned to take advantage of sports betting because we’ve been analyzing it already for years. While daily fantasy is the perfect game for die-hard sports fans, sports betting is more easily accessible to a casual sports fan. We’re taking our talents to sports betting by providing tools and strategy for fans to maximize their odds.