Artland – World’s First Social Art Market Raises $930K In A Recent Funding Round

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Artland is the leading platform dedicated to connecting art lovers, collectors and galleries worldwide. Below is our recent interview with Mattis Curth, CEO and Co-Founder at ARTLAND:

Mattis Curth

Q: How would you explain Artland to someone who hasn’t heard of it?

A: As the world’s first social art market, Artland empowers collectors and galleries to build strong relations by offering them a platform to engage with each other and collect, showcase and sell art in a trusted and easy way. By merging art and technology, Artland brings the art world into the 21st century, thus making it more accessible for a new generation of collectors to cross the threshold, while at the same time providing seasoned collectors with a platform to share their lifelong passion in a global community. Artland aims to lower the barriers to the art world – to unlock it – in order for people to discover the wonders of the art world.

Q: How and why did you choose this idea and what was the key point that made you say “this is it”?

A: In the process of buying our first piece of art, my brother and I (Mattis and Jeppe Curth, co-founders of Artland) experienced difficulty in navigating this brave new world. We had tons of questions which we were eager to find the answers to, but it was hard for us to track down the information. The art world seemed rather closed and exclusive, and we got the feeling of standing on the border of something really great, nourishing and inspiring, but did not have the license to cross. Based on this experience, the idea to Artland was born. We wanted to create a place that is open to everyone – a place to feel inspired, welcome, and included. A place that answers the questions people have when trying to find or buy art. Questions like: Where do I look? What kind of art do I really want? How do I buy art? So, our initial experience of entering the art world made us say “this is it”: we’re going to change the status quo for the better by using a warm, open, and inviting approach that offers art lovers from near and far a gateway into the art world.

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Q: How do galleries and collectors usually find out about Artland?

A: Fortunately, there’s no one-way route into Artland. People come across our platform in many different ways both in the virtual and the real world – be it through social media, press mentions, collaborators or through word-of-mouth via users, partner galleries, at art fairs or similar arts events. It is truly great to experience the vast range of entry points that people use to find out about Artland – from newbies coming across an article in our online magazine to seasoned collectors and galleries learning about Artland through fellow art aficionados. In this way, Artland removes the limitations of location and social status, giving complete freedom of choice back to the user.

Q: You have recently raised $930K could you tell us more about it?

A: We have great interests for the project and are lucky to involve great investors that can help us take Artland to the next level in a fast and effective way. The investment is going to be used both to develop the product and to grow in new markets.

Q: How do you see the future of Artland, but also the future of art markets?

A: The world is in constant motion – as is the art world – and we want to move along with it, explore its hidden paths and set new footprints in order for our users to get the most out of their art world experience. We are not on a mission to replace any players on the art scene. Rather, we would like to serve as the best alternative or supplement. In more concrete terms, we want to grow our global presence and make Artland the place for millions of art lovers worldwide to explore, buy and sell art. That being said, art is not merely an object you hang on the wall or put next to that old vase on the sideboard. Art is an expression of human creativity – be it offline or online – which can be shared and explored across borders. The idea of sharing one’s great passion is also on the core of what Artland aims to foster and support. By creating a global art community, Artland connects art lovers from all over the world about that one thing we all have in common – our passion for art and a constant drive to seek out its potential.

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In regards to the future of the art markets, time is ripe for transformation. The art world has changed quite a lot and most stakeholders have realized the importance of the digital market. Five years ago most people in the art world were skeptical towards the digital media and innovations changing the traditional structures. Many people were afraid that the brick and mortar model would die out, but today, the majority have experienced the effect of the digitalization, especially due to the fruitful results created by the first movers – and they have seen that it is not on behalf of the physical locations. The biggest changes are seen in the increased availability of artworks and information, causing a change in the habits of the buyers. Today, many collectors discover a lot of the art they buy online and often new collectors start the process of buying art by exploring new artists online. So, the digitalization has really brought about completely new ways for collectors to explore and buy new art, and it keeps on developing. The new generation of collectors are confident in using digital media and it is natural for them to use it in all aspects of life – from grocery shopping to buying art – and I very much believe that this is only the beginning. In Artland, we will continue to cultivate dialogue between the art market’s key players, with the aim of continuously supporting and nurturing the growth of the art world and the development of healthy, long-lasting relations between collectors and galleries. Truly, new adventures are on the horizon!