Apple Announces $4,999 iMac Pro And Will Be Available This December

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The new iMac Pro will start shipping in December this year and it will cost you just under 5000$. So who in their right mind would drop 5 grand on a PC? Developers, designers, 3D artists, 4k and even 8k video editors who need work station performance and have eagerly awaiting a revamp of the trash-can-esque Mac Pro, which hasn’t been updated since 2013, will be clambering for their business credit cards. So it’s 5k for 5k, you’re getting a 27 inch, 5k resolution iMac, with 8-Core Intel Xeon processor, which can be configured up to 18-Core model, as well as 128GB of ECC memory, 4TB of SSD storage and yet to be specified Radeon Pro Vega graphics card with up to 16GB of memory.


That is a veritable beast and considering it all fits into the same super thin all-in-one body of the regular iMac, the engineering is pretty impressive as well. The display is brighter and more accurate too, producing up to 500 nits of brightness and supporting a professional P3 color gamut, with over a billion colors, thanks to its 10bit panel. Graphics performance alone is 3 times faster than any previous iMac, according to Apple. If we are getting technical, we are talking about 11 Teraflops of single-precision compute performance.


Which means you get high frame rate VR, real-time 3D rendering and smoother high resolution video editing. iMac Pro also features 10GB Ethernet port and 4 Thunderbolt USB C ports, which can support two raid story systems and two other 5k displays. But if you are still in defense about dropping 5 grand on this, you should know that this is the only iMac to come in space gray with matching accessories.