An Interview With Tom Little, President And CEO Of

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Below is our recent interview with Tom Little, President and CEO of, a full-service flood protection company based in Mt. Royal, New Jersey. recently acquired two companies, installation-focused National Flood Protection LLC, based in Norwich, Connecticut; and flood barrier manufacturer Flood Panel, based in Jupiter, Florida.

Q: recently acquired National Flood Protection LLC and Flood Panel. What impact does this have on the floodproofing industry?

A: The acquisition of National Flood Protection and Flood Panel under the umbrella solidifies the company’s position as the go-to international resource for all things flood-related, with a turnkey approach to flood mitigation. We are the only company in the industry that provides an all-encompassing approach. We now manufacture and sell wet and dry flood mitigation products and provide consultation, design, engineering, installation, and maintenance services. We serve home and business owners, facility managers, general contractors and architects, whether retrofitting a product for an existing structure or helping at the earliest stages of project design and new construction. In addition, offers professional education and continuing education credits to professionals affiliated with the design-build industry. We also provide National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and private flood insurance options with the lowest possible premiums for home and business owners through our agency, Risk Reduction Plus Group.

Q: You recently described as being on a crusade to create greater flood resiliency worldwide. What does that mean to you?

A: Everyone has seen news coverage of the devastating effects of flooding from hurricanes, severe storms, unprecedented rain events and poor drainage. Flooding causes more property damage annually than any other natural disaster. Our crusade is to shift the focus from flood recovery to flood mitigation and resiliency. We are doing that through our flood mitigation products and services, through our education initiatives, and through offering affordable flood insurance options. In addition, I helped found the Flood Mitigation Industry Association, a nonprofit organization that brings together flood experts to help homeowners and business owners understand how to protect property against flood damage. As the collective voice servicing the flood mitigation industry, the FMIA works closely with the Federal Government, FEMA, USACE and the flood insurance industry.  Its goal is to continue a push for mitigation to save both time and money spent on recovery. includes Smart Vent Products Inc., which manufactures ICC-ES Certified, Engineered Flood Vents that protect homes and buildings during floods by preventing hydrostatic pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations.

Q: has an interesting history. Tell us about the company’s journey.

A: Our family of companies started with the inception of Smart Vent Engineered Flood Vents in the late 90s in Avalon, New Jersey. This product can be placed in crawlspaces, enclosures or garages to allow water and debris to flow freely and protect a home’s foundation during a flood. Smart Vent quickly became a leader in the industry, but the bulk of our growth has occurred over the last 10 years. We launched Risk Reduction Plus Group – our insurance arm – in 2014, incorporated under the name in 2018, launched our value-engineered Freedom Flood Vent line and introduced our Flood Design Team in 2019, created the School of Flood for our education programs in 2021, and recently announced the acquisitions of National Flood Protection LLC and Flood Panel. In the last two years, we have grown our team by 87 percent, and we project that our revenue will double in the next two or three years.

Q: has an international reach. What has the company done overseas?

A: Our humble beginnings focused on homes and businesses along the New Jersey shore, and we quickly grew to provide coast-to-coast coverage for communities in high-risk flood areas. Internationally, we recently consulted with a major tertiary hospital in Abu Dhabi to install barriers that have protected the hospital from flooding. In addition, hired a representative in Australia and we spent time with the US Department of Commerce – Australian Embassy in anticipation of strategic growth in that part of the world. Flooding is an international issue, and we see tremendous opportunities to serve the global community with our products and services. Our growth means we are now better positioned to serve an even broader international market and expand our flood resiliency message.