An Interview With Norm Merritt, CEO Of QualiTest

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Below is our recent interview with Norm Merritt, CEO at QualiTest:

Q: Tell us about QualiTest’s main areas of focus?

A: As the world’s largest quality assurance and software testing company, our focus is to design and develop solutions for our clients all over the world. We apply lessons learned and IP generated through quality assurance to engineer better solutions from the outset of a development project.

Our solutions operate in a diverse range of sectors including; technology, telecoms, financial services, defence, aerospace, and media.

Technology now disrupts every industry, requiring a new standard for quality and business assurance. QualiTest is at the forefront of this new standard with our client- centric approach as well as our innovative and unique offering, that includes deploying new automation frameworks, the latest AI technology and state-of-the-art dashboards and visualizations to deliver strategic solutions to our clients.

Quality assurance and software testing are business-critical and with the market value expected to be around $55.3 billion by 2021, the demand will only keep growing.

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Q: What makes QualiTest stand out from other software testing providers?

A: Our new marketing tag line says it all, “Quality Made Smarter” TM. QualiTest provides the best pure play software testing and quality assurance services around the globe. Being a pure play company, it means we are 100% focussed on software testing and this is what sets us apart from large SIs. And our size and scale gives us an advantage over other pure-play providers.

We also design and deliver contextualized solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets to help our clients deliver smarter market-leading products. QualiTest delivers results by combining a client-centric business model, critical thinking and the ability to gain a profound grasp of our clients’ goals and challenges.

Our dedication to excellent service as well as our determination to innovate are what will not only keep us relevant to our clients, but, more importantly, make us an essential element of their success. Such a focus will help us drive growth. That’s why QualiTest has been recognized for the last four years as the only visionary pure play QA and Testing Services Company in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant”.

Q: What prompted you to join QualiTest?

A: I believe that with any big opportunity, potential only becomes reality when three elements combine. The first is applying intense focus and organisation on the right efforts to provide the most leverage, the second is allocating proper resources to these efforts and finally, the removal of any obstacles. I chose to join QualiTest because I believe we work together to convert our potential to reality.

My background involves growing companies and leading dynamic, high-performing teams to achieve greatness, which drew me to the company, but it was also QualiTest’s unique offering in software testing and business assurance that pulled me in.

Also, if one believes they only have one shot at a career, they should spend that time in a dynamic growing industry. Risks being imposed by new technology adoption in every industry means our service offering is more and more relevant to help these technology adopters mitigate new, unknown risks in a targeted, cost effective way. Our precise solutions are what set us apart and what attracted me to QualiTest.

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Q: So, what is it that QualiTest offers?

A: In short, we help our clients do what they do, but better. We strive to advance their technological competencies, so that they can deliver smarter market-leading products that make them leaders in their own industry, to maintain current customers as well as attract potential news ones, to increase their profit.

As world experts in testing, we offer a broad range of quality services, in-depth knowledge of all our clients’ industries and digital technologies to produce smarter quality solutions.

Testing is at the core of our business and our team of focused specialists provide a broad service that goes beyond functional testing to encompass automation, AI, and quality engineering. We can scale our services, depending on the industry, technology requirements or our clients’ precise needs. Everything that we do is to advance our clients’ products and service.

The demands on technology are ever-changing, so we continually evaluate our testing to ensure that it’s harnessing the latest technologies so that its user-friendly, reliable, efficient and performs optimally.