An Interview With Matthew Bogart Vice President Of Marketing At NexJ Systems

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Below is our recent interview with Matthew Bogart, Vice President of Marketing at NexJ Systems:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to NexJ Systems?

A: NexJ Systems is the pioneer of Intelligent Customer Management and a trusted partner for CRM products by financial services institutions in more than 60 countries worldwide. We are known for our deep domain expertise and next-generation technology across financial services verticals, as well as our strategic investment in innovation, and commitment to the success of our customers.

Our award-winning products are designed to help Wealth Management, Private Banking, Corporate and Commercial Banking, and Insurance firms revolutionize their business through vertical-specific products powered by artificial intelligence. In a time where technology is advancing and evolving faster than ever, we design industry leading products that help drive productivity, boost client engagement, and ultimately, increase revenue.

Q: What are your core features?

A: All of our products are powered by AI to help drive productivity, boost client engagement, and increase revenue. Unlike traditional CRM models, the key to our ability to increase revenue, improve efficiency and customer satisfaction is due to our vertical-specific systems that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the financial services sector, from wealth management to corporate, commercial and private banking, as well as insurance firms. We understand that the needs of wealth managers are vastly different from the needs in corporate or commercial banking, which is why we design vertical-specific solutions for each of these industries. This translates into the ability for financial institutions to differentiate themselves through the delivery of personalized service and a superior customer experience.

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Q: There are already a number of CRM systems on the market, why do you think yours is superior?

A: There are three key differentiators for why we are proven industry-leaders in CRM. We are a niche provider that leads the way as industry experts, integration experts and customer success experts:

As industry experts, many firms choose to work with us for our vertical-market expertise and our deep domain knowledge within the financial services industry. We provide solutions tailored to industry sub-verticals and offer large-scale, global implementations as well.

As integration experts, we offer seamless integration with existing data sources, our systems are scalable to tens of thousands of users, and it’s rapidly tailored to unique and specific client needs. Additionally, unlike many other CRM providers, we are not only the software provider, but also the primary implementation service provider which ensures a successful roll-out and follow up support.

As customer success experts, we have a proven track record in partnering with industry leaders and have been a reliable choice amongst global market leaders. We now have users in more than 60 countries, each with a reasonably high number of integrated systems. At NexJ, we truly believe that business is about relationships, and our products reflect this. With software that automates best practices at every stage of the client lifecycle to deliver a unified, omni-channel client experience, our customer responsiveness is second to none.

Q: What makes your product intelligent? Is it AI-equipped?

A: We employ a horizontal Intelligent Customer Management (ICM) platform that allows us to build vertical-specific products tailored to meet specific needs of the financial services sector. What sets our products apart from our competitors is the platform we’re built on, which consists of traditional client relationship management services that’s made better with data management services, process management services, and of course, AI services. All of these services combined makes the ICM platform much more robust than your typical CRM, and allows us to provide highly specialized, vertical-specific products.

Our products are all powered by artificial intelligence, using both internal and external data to deliver better insights and intelligence to advisors, bankers, and agents, ultimately improving their overall efficiency and accuracy by automating tasks. Highlights include things like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine sentiment and uncover relationships and interests in unstructured text like notes and emails, recommendation rules to help determine next best actions based on client profiles and company goals, intelligent news curation that monitors 15,000 public news feed and matches articles to client profiles and the use of chatbots to make life easier for advisors, bankers, and agents.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: NexJ has a vision of transforming how the financial services industry builds trusted and lasting customer relationships. We strive to enable our clients to deliver the best customer experience through the application of intelligent customer management technology. NexJ continues to look at new ways of helping build trusted and lasting customer relationships within the financial services industry. We strive to create the best customer experience with our intelligent customer management technology so our clients can provide a personal and effortless touch when it matters most.