An Interview With Daniel Casey, CEO Of Genii-Systems

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Recently we had opportunity to interview Daniel Casey, CEO of Genii-Systems:

Q: Daniel, can you tell us something more about Genii-Systems?

A: Genii-Systems, founded in 2018, key strategy is to unify heater vents, light switches (now wireless devices), and overhead lights into a multifunctional system. A system that is not dependent on disposable batteries, that pollute the planet.

This two minute video describes the system.

The specifics of each is specified below:

Turn light switches into “SMART” wireless devices. Via a safety block, they can be upgraded with ease by homeowners without an electrician to match the latest SMARTPHONE. The core function of the switch is to turn overhead lights on and off wirelessly. This gives overhead lights the ability to become a home for smoke alarms, security cameras, motion detectors, and other devices. It also is at the center of controlling wind turbine based heater vents wirelessly. Goal is to save 10% heating costs by changing human behavior, getting homes to shut heater vents when turning off lights when leaving rooms.

Leverage build/new wind turbine technology into heater vents, stealing energy from the furnace blower. Giving heater vents energy so they can be opened and shut from a new generation wireless light switch.

Leverage new 3D printing technology to print new bases for existing lights. In the new 3D printed bases, smoke alarms, security cameras, emergency night lights, 5G receiver, etc. All installed devices having constant power. All devices, sharing a common environmentally safe “GREEN” battery. The smoke alarm being tested from the light switch, without the need of a ladder, and because of this, a fraction of the cost of current SMART smoke alarms.

Convert porch lights into 5G/wireless access points and security cameras having constant power. 5G has serious problems getting through glass and walls, this is a cheap and fast solution to solve this problem. 10gig service into homes now possible.

Q: Daniel, let’s start with your background. What were you doing before Genii-Systems?

A: My background before Genii-Systems, was in my early years, was in management. My later years was as a Network Engineer, spent 10 years at Microsoft. As a network engineer, acquired skills in wireless and networking skills/technology. Prior to graduating from college, worked in the construction industry, learning key skills in framing, wiring, and plumbing. I used these skills in my 20, 30, and 40’s to build a small home/cabin, and to remodel a large home in Seattle. The combination of all the above skills gave me the knowhow and vision to submit and gain 9+ patents in the USA, Canada, and Europe. My patents being the foundation for the entire Genii-System “system”.

Q: You have a few patents of your own; could you tell us something more about those?

A: To give specifics about my patents, can be best done by providing a link to my USA granted ones. Currently have 9 patents worldwide.

Q: 5G will probably have trouble penetrating buildings. What’s your plan getting around this?

A: 5G works great outside where there are no barriers to degrade its signals. It is not a maybe having issues getting through walls it is an absolute. 5G can get through walls, but it greatly limits the amount of bandwidth that can be offered to homes. Putting 5G receivers on porch lights, using my system that provides constant power, provides a cheap and fast way to get around this problem. 5G receiver would also be a wireless access points that can get through walls easily. A side benefit would be having security cameras on porch lights that have constant power. Current porch security cameras require batteries, that pollute the planet when disposed.

Q: What types of products do you offer to your clients?

A: The core products that Genii-Systems plans to provide or license are below:

Wind Turbine Heater Vents

New system for hardwired Smoke Alarms (Making battery only smoke alarms obsolete.)

Security System based on using overhead lights, no disposable batteries, no holes needed to be drilled in walls.

Child baby monitoring cameras

5G receiver on porch lights that converts signal into the latest WIFI standard. Thus offering speeds of 10G to homes.

Work with light manufactures to build my patent/system into new ceiling lights Thus, a new base for existing lights do not need to be 3D printed.

Safety Block allows homes, once installed, to upgrade light switch interface to match existing SMARTPHONES. Thus when a button on a Samsung phone is pushed, the corresponding button on the light switch lights up. (WOW factor)

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Q: What makes them energy efficient?

A: The key to energy efficiency is to change human behavior, getting homes to shut heater vents when leaving rooms from light switches when room lights are turned off. (10%?) The heater vents also able to be controlled from SMART Phones. If all homes had the Genii-Systems “system” there would be allot less disposable batteries purchased worldwide. Takes and wastes lots of energy in the battery manufacturing process.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: One large goal is to be the first getting 3D printing centers into home improvement centers; Lowes, Home Depot, and IKEA stores, etc. Imagine how much energy could be saved, and less manufacturing waste, if some products were 3D printed based on need only? Imagine the reduction in shipping costs and dead inventories that end up in landfills?