An Interview With CouponBirds Product Manager, Andrew Liu

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Below is our recent interview with Andrew Liu, Product Manager at CouponBirds:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe CouponBirds?

A: The original idea of CouponBirds came to us in 2012. There were several coupon sites at that time, but our research found it was still hard for users to get really useful coupon codes for most brands. Many coupons were expired or fake which only left users with an extremely bad experience. Therefore, CouponBirds was founded. Our goal is to provide coupons with high accuracy and better brand coverage, so online shoppers can easily find promo codes they want.

After a lot of work on studying and testing, the first version of CouponBirds was launched in 2015. Several versions have been published so far, and CouponBirds has become one of the leading coupon sites with the best brand coverage in the market. I’m confident to say that If shoppers couldn’t find the coupons they need on our site, there’s little possibility they can find them elsewhere.

Q: What types of coupons do you offer to your clients?

A: CouponBirds is aimed to be a leading platform in the coupon industry, every one of us, from product manager to engineer, is devoted to the same goal, which is providing valid coupon codes and deals for CouponBirds users. Currently, we have a wide brand coverage and a large number of valid coupons, so needs from most visitors for digital coupon codes and deals can be satisfied on CouponBirds. We are now offering coupons codes, deal, sales, free shipping deals, and many other special offers such as gift cards, sweepstakes, giveaways, rewards and coupons for students, teachers, military and others.

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Q: There’s a giveaway available on your website. Who can participate? What are the rewards?

A: CouponBirds initiated a Giveaway campaign and all the login users over 18 years old are allowed to participate. The awards include Amazon e-gift cards from $1 to $10 and exclusive promo codes from popular retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, etc.

There are two main reasons for us to hold such a campaign. First, we believe our achievement comes from millions of users, so we hope to thank them and payback in this way. Second, giveaways help us better understand our users’ needs besides finding a coupon or deal.

Q: What does it take to be successful in the online coupon business?

A: I believe the key to our success is that the whole team hold the same goal of building CouponBirds a leading role in the industry. With such inspiration, over 100 coupon specialists work hard together to pick high quality coupons for users and the engineering team use algorithms to screen out coupons with value from a large database. Another point worth mentioning is the sense of responsibility of our team. We care about every user, and take their needs as the top priority. Thanks to the efforts of all the members, CouponBirds is finally able to grow from nobody to a leading company in the coupon industry.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

A: We’ve faced quite a lot of challenges indeed, and the biggest difficulty is how to ensure the code validity. The brand coverage and coupon quantity of CouponBirds are incontrovertibly the top. However, this also leads to a great challenge of verifying the mass coupon data. Luckily, we’ve got the leading-edge engineering team who can apply computer technology to support the verification process. Meanwhile, the first-class operation team is full of young and talented specialists who carefully review coupons on each page. The verified mark attached to each coupon is the result and sign of their hard work.

Q: What’s the purpose of CouponBirds customer survey campaign, and what expectations do you hold?

A: Before we push out the survey, the communication between us and the users is limited to on-site interactions such as submission and voting. There are certainly some users emailing us, however, this kind of communication can hardly support our cause. In order to acquire more direct and comprehensive information from users and get to know their holistic impression of CouponBirds, we started the customer survey. Know more from sincere users for better improvement in the future.

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Q: CouponBirds is taking effort to improve user engagement and retention. Can you tell me the reason and how are the results?

A: There are several reasons why CouponBirds is now working on improving user engagement and retention. First of all, we hope that increasing user retention rate can help gain more users and promote our occupancy in the market. Second, it’s an important step to forge CouponBirds a famous brand, more returning visits means more trust from users. Last but not least, we believe it will benefit our users to a great extent. Trusting and using CouponBirds everytime they need coupons at shopping could save themselves much time and efforts.

The results came out great! Since we started to focus on increasing retention, there have been many visitors participate in our campaigns and send their feedback to us. Of course, many of them win rewards. Such positive cycles certainly make CouponBirds grow in an energetic and healthy way.