An Interview With Billy Austin, The President Of RocketCyber

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Below is our recent interview with Billy Austin, Co-Founder and President of RocketCyber:

Q: What is the mission for RocketCyber?

A: It’s clear, we want to enable Manage Service Providers (MSPs) the ability to deliver cyber security as a billable service while safeguarding small-medium businesses (SMBs) against today’s evolving cyber-attacks.

Q: Why did RocketCyber decide to focus on the smaller market?

A: Let me break it down; last year the US small business administration reported 32 million small businesses. Between you and I, we know the majority have little or no dedicated IT headcount or skillsets on staff, much less security.

Secondly, we’ve all seen the reports that the majority have experienced a cyber-attack, more than half experienced a data breach, etc. Business owners were under the impression that a Firewall and Anti-Virus was good enough. It’s evident that prevention alone doesn’t work as adversaries continue to circumvent.

Today MSPs provide traditional IT services, e.g. patching, networking, data backup and the alike. Our goal is to augment their existing portfolio and empower the delivery of continuous security monitoring powered by the RocketCyber Cloud.

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Q: How do MSPs deliver security to the SMB with RocketCyber?

A: Great question. It starts with a multi-tenant cloud console where MSPs can manage all of their customers from one single pane of glass. Secondly, we have a lightweight agent that is delivered using their existing RMM (remote monitoring and management tools.) Third, we develop RocketApps which are a series of endpoint detection focused apps. MSPs can simply flip on the switch to deliver the functionality they desire.

Q: What security services would the MSP be able to deliver?

A: Today we’ve developed 14 different RocketApps that equate to some variation of security monitoring services. Real-time breach detection, threat hunting, compromise assessments in addition to other malicious and suspicious activity monitoring are the services gaining traction since our launch.

Q: What is a top challenge your facing with the market?

A: SMB owners believe they are too small to be an attack victim. While this may appear to be a challenge, at the same time it’s an opportunity. Let me add clarity.

The fact is many SMBs are compromised today and just don’t know it. Consequently, all size companies are facing the same dilemma. In our industry we have what is called the dwell time – this is the period of time describing “the moment an adversary gains a foothold and the actual detection of their existence. Last year alone, small businesses that reported breaches, investigators discovered a dwell time of 6 months. The longer an attacker is inside your network unnoticed, the greater the financial impact. With MSPs leveraging RocketCyber’s breach detection, not only is their proof of a compromise eliminating the SMB owners’ doubt but reducing the dwell time to minutes and hours vs. months and in some cases years.

Q: Can you share some tips for Presidents of MSP?

A: Absolutely. First and foremost, accept the fact that an incident is inevitable and will occur. Small business owners believe they are protected regardless if the MSP is charging for it or not. For MSPs looking to grow their business and offer cyber, managed detection and response is a must from my perspective.

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Q: How affordable is RocketCyber for MSPs?

A: Another great question. RocketCyber’s cloud platform with unlimited endpoint agents is free. Our pricing model is very much like cable tv, we offer a freemium plan that includes numerous RocketApps and then we have a Pro plan that includes all of our apps. The pricing is affordable and all for the cost of a Chicken McNugget – $1 an endpoint per month, mimicking how MSPs bill the customer.