An Interview With Amy DuRoss, CEO And Co-Founder Of Vineti

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Below is our recent interview with Amy DuRoss, CEO and Co-founder of Vineti:

Q: What exactly is Vineti?

A: Vineti is a digital start-up that creates the essential software solution to manage and scale personalized therapies, such as cell and gene therapy and personalized cancer vaccines. For personalized therapeutics, such as CAR-T cell therapies, manufacturing supply chains and delivery workflows can be incredibly complex, because each dose is personalized to the patient. Our leading Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) ® platform delivers simplicity, compliance, and patient safety, providing the next-generation technology that advanced therapies need. Basically, our platform provides the “smart plumbing” that simplifies the most complex supply chain in the history of medicine and makes these transformative therapies possible for patients.

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Q: What are some of the real-world results enterprises can expect with your solution?

A: We’re really excited about the results we’ve already been able to deliver.
● We’re the only independent supply chain orchestration platform to have already managed thousands of transformative patient treatments for late-stage cancer and rare genetic disorders.
● We’re the only independent platform supporting approved, commercially available cell therapies.
● We’re supporting approved therapies in both the U.S and the E.U.
● Our platform is in use in hundreds of hospitals and medical centers worldwide, on behalf of multiple biopharmaceutical partners. Healthcare Providers know and trust Vineti to help them prescribe and manage cell and gene therapies.
● We’re also managing multiple clinical trials on behalf of multiple biopharmaceutical partners. Since there are now more than 1,070 advanced therapy clinical trials running worldwide, according to the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, powering this R&D effort is essential.
● We have a proven approach to compliance, security, and risk reduction.
● We have a true enterprise-grade platform — we’re bringing the best of enterprise software to advanced therapies.
● We integrate with other key technology and service providers in the advanced therapy ecosystem, so that our biopharmaceutical partners can work with the range of partners they need quickly and simply. We’re honored to have alliances with Lonza, Cardinal Health, Cryoport, and more than a dozen other industry leaders.
● We’re driving standard setting in our space, so that these therapies can truly scale and reach all patients in need.
In all, enterprises know they can expect a proven, compliant solution from Vineti that helps drive the growth of their therapeutic pipeline and their business.

Q: Who would be your client user and why?

A: Vineti partners with advanced therapy developers, which means a range of small and large biopharmaceutical companies. If they are working in advanced therapies in some way, we’re here to help. We’re excited about this mission, because advanced therapies require advanced software. Next-gen therapeutics can’t scale safely using legacy systems — personalized therapies can’t be produced or delivered using prior technologies designed to deliver mass-produced, large-batch drugs. The process is too complex, the costs would be too high, and the patient safety risks are too great.

Q: You’ve recently raised new funding; can you tell us something more?

A: We’re very fortunate and honored to have raised our Series C and Series C extension this year. In the midst of a global pandemic and economic downturn, investors are still thinking long-term and backing advanced therapeutics, which is wonderful. We raised $68 million altogether in our Series C and Series C extension, adding Cardinal Health and Marc Benioff as investors and welcoming Eli Casdin of Casdin Capital to our Board of Directors. We’ll use the additional capital to further develop our PTM platform and expand worldwide. In all, since the company was founded in 2016, we’ve raised more than $115 million in publicly disclosed financing.

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Q: What is next on the roadmap for Vineti?

A: As the advanced therapy sector continues to grow, we have a lot to do! We’ll be supporting even more biopharmaceutical partners, in more geographies. We’ll be supporting a broader range of therapy types, including CRISPR-based approaches. We’ll be delivering even more integrations and APIs. We’ll further mature our platform — the enterprise process is driven by continuous improvement. We’ll provide even more rigorous compliance and security as our sector evolves. We’ll have some focused offerings and services for specific segments of our market. And we’ll be helping our partners leverage their data even more effectively, so that they can scale their businesses and ultimately reach all patients in need.