An Interview With Adrian Ababei, From Web Development And Graphic Design Company OPTASY

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Below is our recent interview with Adrian Ababei, CTO at OPTASY:

Q: Adrian, please provide our readers with a brief background of OPTASY and its journey as a growing company.

A: OPTASY started out as a Drupal agency, one specialized exclusively in Drupal site building, almost 14 years ago.

Then, we kept on growing organically into a full-service company. From custom module development to Drupal consulting, to Drupal maintenance and support, to theming, digital strategy and web design, we’ve been constantly expanding our palette of services.

Our clientele, as well, grew with companies from both private and public sectors across Canada and the United States.

We are passionate about our work and we constantly bring in new web technologies along our journey: WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Shopify. Next, a key milestone in our company’s history was stepping on the mobile app development stage and tapping into AI, AR and VR capabilities for our app projects.

With a team made exclusively of senior developers, OPTASY makes performance in building websites with great functionality that meets all client’s requirements.

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Q: Can you give us some insights into your services?

A: We do both full-cycle projects and upgrades to already existing systems.

In this respect, our services and areas of expertise range from developing websites and mobile applications from the ground up to “revamping” old websites and migrating them from older to newer versions with better functionality and security.

We also migrate from other technologies to Drupal or from Drupal to another CMS.

We develop and integrate new features and functionalities into existing websites and apps, and provide support and ongoing maintenance.

We also had a big demand to integrate existing websites with third-party e-commerce systems, or to perform an API integration.

Q: You’ve been doing Drupal development since… 2005? Why Drupal?

A: Because it’s robust enough to withhold even the most ambitious goals of our clients. It’s also conveniently flexible to support any type of custom work and provides big security for its data.

Whenever there’s a need for specific functionality, there’s a 90% chance that someone in the Drupal community already built a module for it. If not, building a new custom one in-house is always an option.

Another strong reason is that it extends like no other. Basically, you can add new and new modules and keep enhancing a Drupal website’s functionality.

It’s also highly reputed for its scalability. Even if one of our clients wants to start small, but has big plans for his company website — to grow it into a multi-site, to incorporate new innovative features, to get it equipped for truckloads of traffic — Drupal scales up to seamlessly accommodate all his/her growing needs.

In short: we’ve chosen Drupal, we’ve stuck to Drupal and we’ve gained a high level of expertise in Drupal development because it puts no constraints on us.

We can take any type of project, of any size, in any industry, with any feature requirements knowing that… Drupal has our back with its robustness, flexibility and security features.

Q: What are your core values? What makes you the best choice for your clients?

A: The best answer I can think of right now is: our experience and our expertise in web and app development are counterbalanced only by our constant enthusiasm to explore new tools and emerging technologies.

In other words, we don’t shrink hard work — no matter how mundane the tasks involved might be — and we’re always up for a new challenge.

But probably what our clients appreciate the most when it comes to our work ethic is that we always put their goals and preferences first.

We adapt our workflow, adjust our decisions and the entire development process to their requirements and specific constraints in terms of budget, timeline, a hierarchy of priorities…

Never the other way around.

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Q: What can we expect from OPTASY in the coming years?

A: Expect us to keep tapping into AI, VR and AR capabilities for our projects and to grow even more active inside the Drupal community. With new contributed modules that we’ll share there and new quality content written by our senior developers.

We want to keep our position at the top of the best Web developers and Drupal developers in North America.

We intend to extend our market coverage to top markets like Australia, Europe, and Asia. To “stuff” our toolbox with new web technologies and to establish ourselves as leading mobile app developers, as well.