Alxedo Smart Water Purifier Brings The Internet Of Things Technology To Water Purification

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Below is our recent interview with Samuel T. Sellmann, Co-Founder of Alxedo:

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of Alxedo?

A: Alxedo is a German tech startup, operating in its first market Mexico. Founded by Samuel Sellmann and Kai Werthmann in 2020, Alxedo is creating the world’s first digital ecosystem of water. By building the Alxedo Smart Water Purifier it brings the Internet of Things technology to water purification. The smart water purifier is equipped with a variety of sensors allowing the clients of Alxedo to measure their water quality in real-time to enhance their trust in water purification.

Through the Alxedo App, we aim to extend the real-time monitoring of the water quality to a vibrant ecosystem and a multisided platform for sustainability. Restaurants that use the smart water purifier can promote themselves on the Alxedo Water Map and clients can use their plastic waste and CO2 emission reduction to get special offers and discounts from our partners. Alxedo aims to enhance trust in water purification, increases the efficiency of water supply and its infrastructure through real-time water data and extends its IoT app to a multisided platform for sustainable water consumption.

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Q: Why should we buy Smart Water Purifier?

A: The Alxedo Smart Water Purifier brings IoT to water purification. The purifier builds on an advanced reverse osmosis system guaranteeing the best result of water purification. This is not only a promise, our clients have the full transparency of their water quality, consumption and impact on the environment. The built-in sensors provide us furthermore with the information when a cartridge needs to be changed, as soon as this is the case we send the cartridge without further costs to the client’s place that the consumption of pure water is always ensured. Additionally, our ecosystem is a growing and vibrant community that only starts with the purifier. Our clients will get access to free Alxedo Water in our partner restaurants and can convert their environmental impact into benefits such as discounts and special offers from our partners. Access to pure drinking water with peace of mind at zero CO2 emission and plastic waste and a growing community with several unique benefits, are the reason why you should by our Smart Water Purifier.

Q: Could you explain to our readers how your app works?

A: Our app shows every user the unique Alxedo Water Map. This gives you a detailed overview of the water quality in your surrounding. Additionally, it features all restaurants serving Alxedo Water for free at zero plastic waste and carbon emission.

For every user who owns an Alxedo Smart Water Purifier the app allows you to monitor all important information about your water quality and purifier such as the current lifespan of your cartridges, the inflowing water quality, the purified water quality and the water consumption. The sustainability stats such as the CO2 savings, plastic waste reduction, water savings and money savings are cumulated and converted to your personal sustainability score. You can share this with your community, donate points for charity and use it for special offers and discounts from our partners.

Q: Tell us some important thing that everybody should know about your company?

A: Both our co-founders Samuel and Kai lived for a couple of years in countries where tap water is not saved to consume. During their time at the London School of Economics, they engaged more and more with the area of digitalisation of services and products and the establishment of multisided platform economics. The idea of Alxedo was born at a little pizza place in East London. We wanted to tackle to issues we detected in the current way people consume water. Enhancing trust and peace of mind in water purification to reduce plastic waste and carbon emission and increasing at the same time the efficiency of our water infrastructure by providing millions of real-time data points of the inflowing water quality. This was the beginning of 2020 and how it all started.

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Q: What can we expect from Alxedo in the next six months?

A: The next months at Alxedo will be super exciting. Our pre-seed funding of 700k USD which we recently raised will be used for the launch of our application (firstly iOS and afterwards Android), the production of the first badge of our Smart Water Purifiers and the growth of our amazing team in Mexico. The app will be approximately launched by end of April and the first smart water purifiers will be available for our clients by the beginning of June. Stay tuned!