Allerio Develops Mobile Platform To Enable First Responders To Record, Share And Transmit Critical Voice And Broadband Data Quickly From The Field

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Allerio is a smart mobile connectivity platform to enable first responders in the field to reliably record, share and transmit critical voice and broadband data quickly from the field, incident or point of care and in transit. Below is our recent interview with Lindsey Edson, Marketing Director at Allerio:

Q: What is The Allerio Mobile Hub?

A: The Allerio Mobile Hub is a lightweight portable solution and works by connecting to 3 major LTE networks in the field so that first responders can be “always-on” for reliable broadband coverage.

This technology is changing the way first responders save lives. Initially we see the platform being leveraged by EMTs, paramedic and other field healthcare professionals to focus on enabling telemedicine and bridging the gap between such EMS professionals in the field and the hospital with the transfer of rich patient data and video. However, the Allerio platform’s capabilities are additionally being leveraged for other public safety remote and mobile communications needs, including search and rescue and communications for emergency operations centers (or EOCs).

The idea of creating the Allerio mobile hub came after discussions with active EMS and other public safety personnel. While the technical capabilities for EMS have expanded significantly in recent years, many of the most powerful tools require broadband connectivity to support effective use of the application. Requests for our connectivity for telemedicine in particular have grown sharply with the onset of COVID-19.

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Q: You’ve recently launched a new secure mobile hub enabling seamless rich data integration from the field to the ER; could you tell us something more?

A: We are currently deployed in multiple fire and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies as well as hospital systems across the country. The Allerio Mobile Hub has a rugged design, is lightweight and has a 6+ hour battery life, which allows first responders to use it as a portable, hand carried solution, without the need to rely on limitations of a vehicle-mounted solution or shore power. This allows them to conduct their mission in the home at a patient’s bedside, or any mobile location, with the built in ability to transfer real time data and video and enable telemedicine.

Q: How are mobile technologies taking patient care in the field and in the hospital to the next level?

A: We are offering a immediate deployments to assist EMS agencies and hospitals to meet their remote screening and telemedicine connectivity needs during COVID-19. For hospitals that need to leverage communications between remote screening centers, drive through testing areas, and hospitals and clinics which are receiving COVID-19 patients, Allerio provides an immediate reliable and portable connectivity solution that enables telemedicine capabilities when combined with hospital workflow platforms to minimize physician and health care practitioner contact with acute patients, and better enables triage and patient care and management. We also believe that the incorporation of telehealth, telemedicine and community paramedicine within the EMS and healthcare industry will be accelerating dramatically, so the availability of reliable communications solutions to enable sharing of critical data and use of cloud-based applications will be critical. The Allerio platform is a first major step in enabling these capabilities and helping to improve medical care.

Q: What are the benefits of using your solution?

A: – The Allerio Mobile Hub is portable, allowing for connectivity in the field and at the point of care, without limitations of vehicle-mounted solutions (including rural areas, elevators, basements, etc).
– The Hub leverages multiple LTE networks for greater coverage and utilizes an algorithm that automatically optimizes real-time network selection based on coverage, signal strength and latency.
– Accommodates up to 7 WiFi connected smartphones, tablets, patient monitoring devices and sensors for HD video applications, with additional connections possible for data and voice-centric applications, and in addition to its LTE connectivity on multiple nationwide networks, can leverage in-vehicle or in-building WiFi when available.
– One-button simple operation. Just push one button to turn it on, and all configured devices automatically connect to the Hub. When through, push the same button to turn it off. Standard USB-C charging with quick charging capabilities.
– The Hub operates with end-to-end encryption and VPN for optimal security.
– The Hub enables priority and preemption for healthcare and EMS workers during this public safety emergency.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The company’s roadmap for the product includes making it “5G-ready in the future.” We plan to develop a version of the product that lets it operate as high power user equipment (HPUE). HPUE products extend the effective range of the network by transmitting signals at power up to six times as great as traditional cell phones.