AlayaCare Helps Home Care Providers Deliver Better Outcomes

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AlayaCare is a mission-driven SaaS platform that equips home care providers with the technology they need to run their organization on, but more importantly helps them deliver better outcomes. Below is our recent interview with Adrian Schauer, CEO at AlayaCare:

Q: Can you give us more insights into your End-to-End Home Care Software?

A: At AlayaCare, we have spent the better part of this decade developing and evolving a software system that maximizes flexibility. Our end-to-end solution spans clinical documentation, back office functionality, client and family portals, remote patient monitoring, and mobile care worker functionality. Essentially, we enable home and community care agencies to manage all aspects of their business operations. Below is the product wheel of AlayaCare’s functionality:

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Q: How do you help your clients? How are your solutions making a difference?

A: AlayaCare’s technology is adaptable to any conditions and has helped home care agencies in the United States, Canada and Australia improve client care, scale operations, reduce costs, and make life easier for caregivers and back office staff at all levels.

The flexibility of our solution is key. As a cloud-based platform with APIs and the ability to support third-party integrations, we offer clients technology options that make the most sense for the services they provide and are the most efficient for their technology and operational environments.

From a ‘people’ perspective, we help improve the caregiver experience through our mobile app, which provides real-time access to schedules, route details, billing, risk assessments, time tracking, client data, and clinical forms. For a person on-the-go all day, that makes a huge difference.

Technology also facilitates consumer-directed care plans, which improves the experience for the people receiving care. Providing alternative delivery options, like real-time remote patient monitoring, helps agencies provide quality, consistent care particularly for clients who live in rural or remote communities.

Q: What is on the roadmap for AlayaCare moving forward?

A: AlayaCare’s core value stems from our AI and machine learning capabilities as well as the data we can provide to clients.

Our clients can access data that they previously could not source. Better health metrics are critical for our clients as they develop care plans and look to predictive tools to help detect adverse outcomes. The AlayaCare platform can reduce hospital readmissions with AI-powered clinical support tools that permit greater coordination of care across care teams.

Data is also critical to AlayaCare; it informs how we innovate and evolve the technology to support the needs of home and community care professionals.

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Q: What is the best thing about AlayaCare that people might not know about?

A: Our mission is to transform the industry from a traditional fee-for-service model, to one that is technology-driven and outcome-focused. Our goal is to deliver better experiences for caregivers and better outcomes for patients.

We focus on people and improving their experience. Our mobile app was designed with input from care providers. While we’re a tech company and very conscious of providing easy-to-use mobile tools, we also appreciate that caregivers need to work in an ‘offline mode.’ So, we now care workers can still properly document their activities, regardless of connectivity.

We focus on what our clients – and their clients – need to succeed.