Airtame Delivers Screen Mirroring With Only 2 Clicks From A Computer Or Mobile Phone To One Or Multiple Screens At The Same Time

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Below is our recent interview with Luke Richardson, Brand Director at Airtame:

Luke Richardson

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Airtame?

A: Airtame is a Danish startup that was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen after Raising $1.3M on Indiegogo (a very popular crowdfunding platform).

We were working very hard to develop a B2B wireless screen sharing solution and the result was a wireless HDMI device that allows screen mirroring with only 2 clicks from a computer or mobile phone to one or multiple screens at the same time.

Some key facts about our products:
● Airtame is enterprise compatible – more details here
● Airtame is cross-platform and works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.
● Airtame can display images, documents, and presentation with Airtame for iOS and Android
● You can manage multiple Airtames remotely using Airtame Cloud

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Q: How exactly does it work?

A: To start streaming using Airtame is very simple!

1. Plug Airtame into the HDMI of a TV/projector
2. Power it through the USB or a power outlet
3. Download the Airtame app
4. Connect Airtame to your local WiFi network
5. Start streaming

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Q: What makes Airtame unique compared to similar products like Chromecast or AppleTV?

A: The major difference is that Airtame is optimized for meetings and other collaborative work at schools and offices, whereas Chromecast or Apple TV are made for home entertainment.

For this reason, Airtame has some professional features that were developed thinking about several business and educational scenarios – which are irrelevant for the home. For instance, Airtame works with WPA2 Enterprise networks and in environments using two separate networks. Another professional feature platform for managing an unlimited number of devices from the Cloud.

Stream to Airtame using iOS devices
More about Airtame vs Chromecast

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Airtame?

A: Airtame is not for everyone – again, it’s not a consumer product. If, however, you work in a fast-paced office or technologically savvy education environment, Airtame can help revolutionize your way of business, foster collaboration, and put an end to messy cables all at the same time. The right tools can take the hassle away from meeting room equipment troubles and digital signage problems.That’s what Airtame does.

Some key Airtame points for would-be customers:

● Airtame makes meetings run much more fluently
● It works with most operating systems as it is a cross-platform device
● It is flexible and easily manageable via the Airtame Cloud
● It provides cleaner and clearer office design
● It is cheaper than most B2B competitors
● We have a risk-free 30-day trial policy
● 2-in-1: Screen Mirroring + Digital signage
● Lifetime customer support – for free
● It helps you to get rid of cables

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Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: We are continuously working to improve our current Airtame solution. This means continued updates and optimization of our software and firmware, to provide the best experience. This includes the freshly released Single Window Sharing feature in beta, which allows a user to select an individual app or screen to present, and conceal what they want to keep hidden.
We are also taking brave steps into the future and new areas of growth, including digital signage and our Homescreen functionality.

Currently, we offer app integrations that will help your business get the most out of screens when no one is streaming to them. Airtame supports team collaboration tool Trello, beautiful imagery by Unsplash, presentational slides with Google Slides and an overview of current local times with World Clock.

Our forward-thinking approach led us to earn an important EU grant (Horizon2020 program), intended for helping companies with them Innovation and Development´s projects. In our blog you can find more information about how we are planning to invest this grant.