Agile Interoperable Solutions Delivers The State-Of-The-Art In Interoperability Systems Connecting Radio, Cellular, Satellite, Hardline, And Wi-Fi Communications

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Below is our recent interview with Vernon Guillermo, CEO at Agile Interoperable Solutions:

Q: What exactly is the CORE unit and why is it an important piece of technology? How does it work and who is it aimed at?

A: CORE stands for Common Operating Radio Engine. CORE was developed by Agile Interoperable Solutions as a complete communications hub and represents the state-of-the-art in interoperability systems connecting radio, cellular, satellite, hardline, and Wi-Fi communications. CORE is a comprehensive solution combining hardware, software, mobile applications, and customer-tailored workflows. CORE, through the use of AIS’s proprietary technology, integrates with existing radios, cellular phones, and emergency management communications systems including: command and control, incident management, video management, PSIM, and more. CORE technology can be used in every industry from Critical Incident Command, Marine, Gaming and Casino, Oil & Gas, Public events to Security, and Remote and Fleet Operations.

Q: Can you give us insights into CORE’s features?

A: CORE gives you the ability to:
• Take the office to the Field: CORE has a fully functional enterprise PBX (PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange,) which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX phone system can communicate internally (within their company) and externally (with the outside world), using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog).
• Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use: Weighing approximately 150 lbs, CORE can be pre-positioned or easily transferred from one location to another via SUV and set-up and operational within 15 minutes.
• Seamlessly Connect and Encrypt: Through the use of its proprietary technology, CORE is able to take non-compatible communication devices and make them compatible allowing direct communications between disparate networks. All of this is done ‘behind the scenes’ so the operators can focus on their critical tasks at hand. Moreover, CORE has built-in encryption extending secure communications between the disparate devices.
• Never Drop a Call: CORE can store up to 16 multiple-carrier SIM Cards. This allows connection to multiple towers and multiple carriers at the same time to maintain session persistency. Moreover, CORE bonds all SIM cards creating a significantly larger data pipe for sending and receiving data.
• Wireless Mesh Networking: CORE has multiple servers and three layers of local Wi-Fi. Communication and data sharing is possible even in the most remote locations.
• A Customizable Solution: CORE can be customized to fit any situation or customer requirement.

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Q: What are the advantages of using CORE and CORE-based units? Can you talk a bit about these other offshoots?

A: Advantages of using CORE and CORE-based units include: Easily Deployable: Setup in under 15 minutes; Push-button setup with minimal requirements; Connectivity via cellular, fiber, satellite, microwave, or any standard network interface; Highly mobile: deployable from a small SUV; Small footprint: 20.4” x 26.5” x 43” (rugged configuration); Light weight: less then 150 lbs (Mobile CORE weight: less then 5 lbs, CORE Patrol weight: less then 21 lbs, and CORE CommsKit weight: less then 30 lbs); Modest power requirements: compatible with consumer-grade portable generators. Moblie CORE, CORE Patrol and CORE CommsKit can be operated via an external 12V Rechargeable Battery; Configurable: Every CORE system is custom-built and tailored to the customer’s current and future needs; Server-room configurations; Mobile command center configurations; In-vehicle configurations; Man-portable configurations; Each configuration designed for optimal ease of use; Upgradable: A future-proof solution, CORE protects your investment through use of an expandable, upgradeable, and enhanceable architecture; Onsite or remote software upgradeable; Components and parts can be exchanged without modifying unit; Add more capabilities if needed; Three onboard servers including client-use Server for software applications and data storage; Each configuration designed for optimal ease of use; Cost Effective: With enterprise-class support and capabilities only found in far more expensive systems, CORE represents the best value in the industry; Best-in-industry support; Future-proof; Minimal training requirements; Cost-based routing for network services; High number of voice and data channels for cost compared to competing systems; Integrates with your organization’s existing systems, networks, and equipment. Regarding other Agile Interoperable Solutions CORE-based products, Mobile CORE is a communications hub for vehicle-based applications that integrates bonded multi-channel cellular LTE, WI-FI, GPS, and Land Mobile Radio extension capabilities. It is a small, ruggedized and durable device that is suitable for a small, medium or large number of units deployed in an organization. CORE Patrol is a tactical communications hub purpose built within a backpack to enable communications in terrain or conditions where a vehicle would not be feasible or desirable. The CORE Patrol is a military grade backpack which contains a Mobile CORE as the heart of the solution. The CORE Patrol was built for ease of use and utilizing leading edge technology that will grow with your needs. CORE CommsKit offers the same functionality as CORE Patrol but packaged in a durable, ruggedized case enabling transferrable mobile use in the most extreme conditions.

Q: Can you provide some real world use-cases that we can point to now and expect to see?

A: Real world use-cases include any natural disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. which cripple or completely wipe out communication towers and network infrastructure systems devoted to communications. From terrorism to natural disasters, providing communications during critical incidents requires the highest degree of connectivity and integration. CORE is the secure, rugged, and deployable solution. Casino and gaming operators establishing secure communications between security, law enforcement, hospitality, engineering, and management personnel. CORE connects stakeholder departments, external agencies, and vendors with an easily managed solution. Organizations engaged in energy exploration, production, and transportation operating in remote regions, offshore, or at temporary sites where little or no infrastructure exists. CORE facilitates reliable communications whenever and wherever it’s deployed. Concerts, marathons, football games, and other major events can necessitate communication between agencies and organizations which may not have prior experience working together. CORE provides seamless and secure communication in these challenging environments. Fleet operators need to keep vehicles and drivers on the road and on time. CORE allows fleet owners to focus on their daily operations instead of their communications system. Search and rescue, exploration and mapping, wildfire control, and other remote operations call for a rugged and portable system that can be taken “off the grid.” CORE is ready for the mission. CORE can establish secure interoperable communications services for day-to- day operational use to any type of business, organization, or governmental agency in base station, mobile, and blended configurations.

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Q: What can we expect from Agile Interoperable Solutions in the future?

A: Agile Interoperable Solutions has been making great progress in becoming a leader in interoperable communications. We’ve strengthened our engineering resources and are securing our manufacturing operations and key suppliers to be able to deliver world class quality products in a timely manner. Our product suite covers communication solutions for all scenarios and our technology development is advancing every day. Because of our strategic moves in strengthening our corporate structure and advanced development, you can expect Agile Interoperable Solutions to be the premier leader in mobile interoperable communications in the near term and for the forseeable future. Even having just come to market, our technologies are currently being deployed by a large municipality, by several NGO’s and are being tested right now by a large government agency. We are excited about the rapid acceptance of our technologies overall.