Afinia L301 Label Printer: Flexible In-House Labeling For Small Business Owners

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Small business owners often rely on commercial printing services to produce color labels for them, a costly inconvenience that is easily solved with the affordable Afinia L301 color label printer. This desktop color label printer produces professional quality product labels on demand without the hassles, time constraints, setup charges, or minimum quantities and costs of using a printing company. Not only is the L301 an outstanding value, it is easy to use and flexible. Below is our interview with Basat Khalifa, President of DuraFast Label Company:

Afinia L301 Color Label Printer Overview

The Afinia L301 color label printer is a high resolution dye inkjet color label printer commonly used to print “prime” product labels such as food labels, cosmetic labels, wine bottle labels, craft beer labels, candy labels, dog food labels, cannabis labels and more. The L301 is compatible with a wide range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl labels.

Key features of the Afinia L301include:

• HP thermal inkjet technology — This tried-and-true technology powers the printing of full color labels at up to 4800dpi.
• Dual ink cartridges — The Afinia L301 color label printer uses two separate ink cartridges (a tricolor dye ink cartridge and a black pigment ink cartridge) to produce vivid colors. The dedicated black ink cartridge helps to lower ink costs compared to systems that use a single tricolor color ink cartridge, like the one used in Primera Technology’s LX500. Having a two-cartridge system reduces your ink cost per label when compared to a single tri-color ink cartridge.
• Variable label sizes — With widths ranging from 1.75 inches to 6 inches and a length of up to 48 inches, the L301 is a flexible label printer for product labels, barcodes, and industrial labels.
• Touchscreen interface — A handy front panel touchscreen display provides easy access to a number of label printer functions.
• Manual cutter — A built-in manual cutter is included to cut the liner at the end of your label job.
• Unwinder — The included unwinder supports 6-inch wide rolls with a 6-inch outside diameter on a 3-inch core.

Complete printer specifications are available at our website.

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Who Should Buy the Afinia L301?

The Afinia L301 color label printer is marketed to small and growing businesses including small manufacturers, bakeries, artists, winemakers, craft breweries, sole proprietors, and any business that has a need to print between 100 to 3,000 labels per month. It is an entry-level color label printer that allows these businesses to move away from outsourcing label production and bring it in-house. It also has an entry-level price point, helping to deliver a return on investment quickly.

Benefits of Using the Afinia L301 for In-House Label Production

Some of the benefits of using the Afinia L301 to print labels in-house include:

• Dye inkjet using HP technology
• Print label sizes: 1.75” x 0.75” to 6” x 48”
• Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color print resolution
• 2 cartridge system (dedicated black and tri-color ink cartridges)
• Use 6” OD label rolls with 3” core
• Windows drivers included
• USB 2 interface
• Print on blank pre-die cut labels or tags

Afinia L301 Strengths

The Afinia L301 color label printer does an excellent job of printing high resolution, full color labels on demand. The print quality is outstanding, and the label printer provides plenty of flexibility for most small businesses. For example, it can switch from printing product labels to barcodes or colorful labels to use in the office.

Afinia L301 Weaknesses

However, the Afinia L301 is not fast. Its print speed is about 1.8 inches per second when printing a small (about 2.2 inches wide) label in normal mode. This slower print speed is generally fine for printing small batches of labels on demand but can become an issue when print volume increases.

For the low-volume label printing needs of small businesses, the Afinia L301’s ink consumption is manageable. However, ink costs should be factored in for businesses that print more than 3,000 labels per month.

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Afinia L301 Costs

The Afinia L301 retails for just $1595 USD, making it an affordable choice for small businesses. Its ongoing costs include replacement ink cartridges and label stock. In our opinion, the Afinia L301 is the best buy for budget entry-level color label printers when compared to other printers in this category like the Primera LX500. It has a lower ink cost per label and provides more label size options, therefore giving small businesses the diversity they need and affordability they want.

Where to Buy the Afinia L301 Color Label Printer

DuraFast Label Company ships the Afinia L301 color label printer to customers across the United States and Canada as well as manufactures blank labels specifically for the L301 and its HP thermal inkjet technology. Currently, for orders placed directly from DuraFastLabel, DuraFast is offering up to $100 in free labels with purchase (for a limited time with discount code L301) and another $100 in free labels for submitting a review after the purchase when contacted by Verified Reviews.