AdCel Delivers Monetization Solution For Publishers Seeking To Efficiently Monetize Their Demand Stack

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Below is our recent interview with Denys Kravchenko, CTO and Co-Founder of AdCel:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to AdCel?

A: To cut a long story short, AdCel offers a robust monetization solution for publishers seeking to be able to efficiently monetize and optimize their demand stack. When a developer is looking for monetization strategy of the app he certainly keeps in mind the ads integration strategy. However at this stage difficulties only start to arise, as you need to fill advertising spaces, negotiate with dozens of advertising networks all at once and manage display priorities. In this case, the magic wand can be mediation platforms, which already contain all the libraries of the most popular advertising networks. And that’s what AdCel platform is.

Q: How exactly does your platform work?

A: In order to maximize the effectiveness of our product, we offer behavioral data along with the buyer’s eCPMs, thereby showing the most relevant advertisements to users. The program selects the highest CPMs and high fill rate. To avoid a lot of useless SDK in favor of one integration, we offer 99% of the average fill rates for USA video inventory. By setting up the SDK library once and connecting the ad display, AdCel helps you to prioritize the display by choosing the highest cost.

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Q: Who are your clients and what are some of the key challenges you’re helping them solve?

A: Our clients are small to medium publishers, who don’t want to waste their time to check every single DSP or ad network out there or optimize and manage them manually. At AdCel we offer single SDK (no more tens of unpredictable ad SDKs), single 24/7 support channel, plugins for all popular app development platforms. Also you will have a single master agreement , so you don’t need to collect money from every single demand source. The SDK takes advantage of each platform and reduces integration time. Such platform provides a richer set of technological tools. Developers can connect their products to the AdCel platform directly, thereby having the ability to manage demand from several ad networks at once. Integrating advertising into your application via a mediation platform — probably the best solution out there for product monetization. The platform allows you to avoid ineffective advertising, since, based on user feedback, it selects the most relevant ads and displays them more often.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like AdCel?

A: Mobile application developers should always focus on what they do best – create great applications and games, and don’t waste their time managing source of demand. It’s great to have the idea of an application that will solve people’s needs and help save the planet. However, while dreaming of fast results, world fame and millions of dollars in their bank account developers often tend to forget that the main priority should be a clean and neat code the success will follow along. Moreover, the problem may be that engineers do not always know how to build a sales model for their businesses. Thanks to modern innovations and the development of hassle-free ads integrations into applications, now developers have ready-made solutions to profit from their work.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Now we are focusing on creating audio product, new product for VR ads and CTV monetization. CTV ads are advertisements offered to users who use the device, which is connected to Internet (internet-capable TV set, video game consoles or streaming video device). According to iab survey, by the end of May 2018, about 13.5 million families abandoned conventional television in favor of Internet-based television. Having information about what the user is looking on the Internet, what purchases he makes, his preferences and lifestyle helps to most accurately generate advertising that will be useful to the viewers. I think it is not necessary to describe how high the popularity has been for VR technology in recent times. I emphasize only that due to the high demand for VR, it is an excellent way to monetize and make a profit from advertisements broadcast in VR applications. VR technology helps application publishers present their services or product to potential users right before their eyes, providing an opportunity to “touch” the product.