The ACN Opportunity: 25 Years In Review – A Telecom Giant With The Soul Of Start-Up

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Twenty-five years ago, four like-minded entrepreneurs set out to build a direct-selling business that functioned on several proactive values and a unique mission that guaranteed success. That business is called ACN, and this interview brings their unique story to life.

Tell us about the early days of ACN. What were the biggest challenges?

With substantial experience in the direct selling industry, co-founders Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz, came together in 1993 with one goal in mind: to develop a remarkable direct-selling business model that people wanted to be a part of. The co-founders knew that in order to make their dream come to life, they had to develop values that ensured growth and success. So together, they planted the seeds for what would soon become the three governing principles of ACN:

● Integrity
● Solid business practices
● A commitment to putting the needs of others above the need of self

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While formulating this plan on a legal yellow pad was one thing, actually building a business and encouraging others to align their values with the greater vision on the company wouldn’t be easy.

What is ACN?

In its early years, ACN – short for American Communications Network – operated with the main goal of being a reseller for long-distance telecommunication services. However, with the help of these governing principles, ACN has grown to provide invaluable services to customers in 25 different countries worldwide. As the largest direct seller of telecommunications in the world, ACN now provides essential services for both homes and business alike, such as:

● Digital Phone Services
● High Speed Internet
● Wireless
● Gas & Electricity
● Security and Automation services
● Television
● Merchant Payment Processing services

By providing superior quality and assistance for services consumers are already using, spending money on, and can’t live without, ACN is able to build a network of loyal clients who reap the benefits of excellent telecommunication.

You’ve joined forces with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada; what’s your mission?

While going global and expanding services to 25 countries across four different continents, ACN made a dedicated commitment to helping those in need. ACN values the health and livelihood of our children and has vowed to help fight the childhood hunger epidemic. By partnering with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, we’ve been able to launch Project Feeding Kids. Though Project Feeding Kids, every time someone becomes an ACN customer and each time that customer pays their monthly bill, ACN donates one meal to families and children in need.

With the goal of reducing the 17 million hungry children in North America, ACN has guaranteed to donate at least 1.65 million meals to Feeding America per year. In line with many of the company’s core values, ACN is proud to support an initiative that makes a big difference in a small way.

Give us a rundown of ACN Digital Phone Services – how does it work?

By providing services used by home and business owners every day, ACN focuses on implementing high-quality telecommunication resources in a smart and seamless manner.

The ACN Digital Phone Service, for example, helps customers both save money and stay connected by using and/or improving existing technology and integrating beneficial features that improve the quality and usability of your home or business phone.

The way the ACN Digital Phone Service works is simple: by using your high-speed internet to make both local and international calls, you can get flawless, unlimited calling to more than 80 countries around the world. Set up is easy and using it is even easier; first, you’ll be able to work with one of our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to install High Speed Internet. Then you’ll be able to self install an ACN phone adapter that connects to your router and then connect a landline phone to the ACN Phone Adapter.

In an effort to go above and beyond in providing premier telecommunication services, ACN includes an array of unique calling features like an ACN companion application, unlimited local and long distance calling, free ACN-to-ACN calling, a virtual phone number, freedom to keep your existing number, voicemail, video mail, voice connect, email notifications, anonymous call rejection, easy control over your account services, call forwarding, caller ID and ID block, call logs, call waiting, do not disturb, call return and last number redial, conference audio calling, and speed dial.

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What are some of the other services offered through ACN?

ACN also provides residential and business services like high-speed internet, wireless service, XOOM electricity and gas, television, and security and automation. Furthermore, ACN provides entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to own their own business in the telecommunications industry.

With a business model that’s both tested and trusted, prospective business owners can become part of the ACN franchise family and operate their independent ACN business under a reputable brand. With impeccable customer service for both customers and IBOs, assistance and resources designed to help build your business, and years of experience as a leader in the telecommunications industry, ACN ensures your success as a business owner.

What does the future hold for ACN?

The future is bright for the ACN family, and 2018 marks an exciting milestone for our company. This year we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary and are using our past growth, experience, and opportunities as motivation and encouragement for our future. In fact, we’ve recently developed a celebratory theme to help this year be one of the best yet: “Inspired by our past, driven by our future.”

ACN President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano said it perfectly in his personal letter to the ACN family, “We’re rooted in tradition, but focused on the next generation of ACN. And while we couldn’t be prouder to be celebrating an incredible anniversary milestone, we have the mindset, the energy and the vision of a startup.” We know that if it weren’t for our dedication to integrity, innovation, and hard work, we wouldn’t have had the remarkable success that’s got us to this point and we’re excited to continue using these values as the guiding light for future success.