5 Ways To Keep Customers Happy

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Whether you have a small or large business, customer satisfaction is probably one of your biggest concerns. A happy customer is often a loyal customer, after all. Therefore, it’s important to do everything you can to improve the overall customer. Here are five ways to keep customers happy.

1. Provide 24 Hour Phone and Email Support

Customers hate to wait hours — or even minutes — for a response. One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction is to invest in a 24/7 answering service to book, schedule and provide support to customers.

The same goes for emails. We no longer live in a world where customers are willing to wait 24 hours or longer to receive an email response. Not only should you aim to have a quick turnaround, but you should also be sure to send automated responses to let customers know their emails have been received.

2. Conform to Industry Trends

One of the most effective online reputation management strategies that no one talks about is this: you should try to fit in — especially when it comes to social media trends.

Take a look at what your competitors and experts in your industry are doing, and try to emulate them. If they’re creating unique and engaging TikTok videos, you should do the same. If they Tweet once a day, your business should, too.

It might not sound like this will matter when it comes to customers, but it can. Customers expect similar businesses to utilize similar branding strategies. They have even come to expect things like hashtags as a part of the customer service experience.

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3. Enable Customer Reviews

Consider allowing customers to leave reviews on your website — including the bad ones. Not only do customers want their voices to be heard and their opinions to matter, but it will put more trust in your company when they’re able to see the honest reviews other customers have left. When you only allow four or five-star reviews to appear on your website, it makes your product or services appear to be too good to be true. Being transparent makes your company look more honest and trustworthy.

Another way you can help ensure customers feel like their voices are heard is to ask them to provide feedback. Send them a short survey after they’ve received your products to share their opinions. Feeling like their opinion matters can make all the difference when it comes to satisfaction, and you’ll also gain insightful feedback about your products.

4. Try to Rectify Bad Customer Experiences

If a customer is unhappy with a product or service, it’s best to do everything in your power to try to fix the problem. Whether that means offering an exchange, return or in-store credit, you should always do your best to make the customer happy.

If multiple customers seem to have the same bad experiences, take a step back and see what you can do to improve your product or service.

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5. Provide Multiple Customer Service Formats

One of the best ways to improve customer service is to offer multiple formats to provide support. You might offer customer service via email, text message, live chat, and toll-free numbers. You can also use your social media platforms as a place to provide support, with Messenger being a popular customer service support option.

These are just five ways to make customers happy. Going the extra mile to prioritize customer satisfaction can help encourage customers to come back for more. Since repeat customers are just about every business’s end goal, taking a few additional steps can make all the difference in the long run!