4 Ways To Use Technology For The Growth Of Your Business

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There is no doubt that digital transformation is the key driving force behind the long-term success and growth of any business in the modern world. With massive technological advancements and the support of social media, daily business operations, and communication is expedited.

With the help and knowledge of technology, businesses can grow at a rapid pace without spending too much money and saving precious time. From better communication and collaboration to remote working abilities, digital marketing, advertising, and even hiring employees online, your business can reap the many benefits of technology in the short and long term.

1. Switching to Online Employee Web Portal

Scouting for the right talent that fits the needs of your company can be a challenging task. With the help of the internet, social media platforms, and technology, you can sift through hundreds of potential applicants and shortlist the ones best for the job without mulling over piles of paperwork.

Additionally, you can also invest in an online portal where employee data can be kept and updated frequently. New employees can also have access to a readily available online employee handbook as well as e-copies of their contracts and job description.
This creates ease when communicating and collaborating with employees and accessing important work-related information.

2. Use Social Media to Build Digital Presence

Nowadays, using social media platforms is one of the most powerful growth tactics for businesses over the long term. People have access to all forms of digital content and capitalizing on this is essential for the growth and expansion of organizations.
You can use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., to create a ripple and reel in potential customers just by using innovative marketing strategies online. The greatest benefit of using social media as a marketing tool for growth is that it is inexpensive or completely free in some cases.

Businesses can send PR packages to notable social media personalities who can offer live critiques to their audiences, or directly offer giveaways, discounts, etc., via popular platforms.

To build brand loyalty and a strong inbound marketing approach that can transform your business into a global venture, you should invest in building a social media following and attract lifelong customers organically.

Though it may be extremely competitive, social media marketing is now a pivotal feature for the growth and success of businesses.

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3. Invest in Productivity Software to Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

Business growth depends on multiple factors such as effective communication, improved performance, strategies to minimize costs, and excellent customer service. All of these can be achieved through investing in productivity software that can assist in maximizing revenues without wasting important resources.

One of the most effective ways to grow your business and maximize revenues is by increasing productivity. It cuts down costs and improves operational efficiency by replacing repetitive paper-based processes with digitized content using software packages that manage accounts, emails, task management, and communications.

The use of cloud and mobile technologies have further empowered businesses with tools that accelerate productivity without the risk of errors or loss of information. Cloud-based software complements SMEs as they limit the workload of in-house management and protect data without charging too much.

Cloud software can also be accessed from any device or location where there is access to the internet, further boosting productivity even when remotely working.

Customer service is another vital factor in the successful growth of a business and with modern customer relationship management (CRM) software and Professional Services Automation (PSA), businesses can now provide instant assistance, replies, and solutions to customers, strengthening brand loyalty.

4. Capitalize on Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies can bring a multitude of benefits that all help to bolster your business’s growth. The greatest benefit of incorporating mobile technologies in work-related tasks is that there is an increasing number of employees that can work outside the traditional workspace.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed working styles significantly and employees can now easily finish tasks even from the comfort of their homes in case they cannot make it to work for whatever reason.

This flexibility in working from different locations can create a happier workforce and improve morale, leading to higher employee loyalty, reduced costs, and higher potential growth.

With SaaS products and other cloud-based software, people can manage a wide range of tasks from virtually any location, be it conducting meetings, editing accounts, making transactions, giving presentations, or even drafting reports and visuals. More work gets done without waiting for staff to reach the office and respond to customers and colleagues.

Utilizing mobile technologies for business tasks can also save office space and help in cutting down running costs that can otherwise be used for more important business tasks. All businesses would need to do is purchase additional cloud space and access to business software so employees can work as teams and share tasks online.