12 Best Companies To Be Employed At As A Designer

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Many designers would say that success depends on the place where you work. The way an employer treats employees, the availability of mentorship programs, and the opportunities for professional development indeed matter. After all, creative people need to feel empowered.

It’s true that professional essay writers online want to work for companies that appreciate their contributions. Likewise, designers need to feel that their work is recognized.

That’s why we’ve selected a few companies that designers believe to be the best places to work at. For your convenience, we’ve divided them by industry.

Graphic Design


This social media platform grew from a university-based network into the world’s leading communication mediator. It fosters openness, diversity, and inclusion not only among the staff but its users too.

Designers get lots of perks, including a decent salary to make them feel comfortable and focus on work. Moreover, working for Facebook means getting your contribution recognized throughout the world.


Graphic designers are very much appreciated by the LinkedIn team. The company not only makes their work comfortable but also tries to foster employee happiness by all means.

LinkedIn’s well-known for its fantastic benefits and well-developed professional development programs. If you want to make sure your graphic design works are appreciated and implemented, you should target LinkedIn.


Tech giants take the lead in making their designers’ work comfortable and well-remunerated. Many designers’ dream is to join companies like Google. They want to feel socially secure and professionally respected.

Google tries to motivate its employees, constantly innovating and experimenting with work processes. For now, this is the company that offers the most interesting package of perks to newcomers and current staff.

Fashion Design


When it comes to fashion design, employee benefits and perks shouldn’t be your main concern. You should look for opportunities to grow and develop within the company with your designer skills being recognized.

Chanel offers such opportunities and creates a great environment for talented fashion designers. You get mentorship, learn the best industry practice, and work with the best supplies and accessories possible.

Louis Vuitton

Despite all the stereotypes associated with this company, designers feel really comfortable working there. Many of them stay for several years, progressing along the career ladder and earning decent money.

Even though Louis Vuitton does not produce several collections per season, if you manage to put your hand into creating those few of them, it’ll definitely turn your resume into a success.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a great option for recent graduates and experienced designers. This company makes sure that each of its designers has equal chances for professional development. Moreover, it even encourages them to have a proper rest, knowing how
important it is for inspiration.

Wouldn’t you want to work in a company that respects your off-time and actually cares about you? Christian Dior is one of those.

Interior Design

BSA LifeStructures

Interior designers absolutely love working at BSA for the feeling of being recognized that it provides. Also, the company pays much attention to teamwork and collaboration, cultivating a creative atmosphere.

BSA encourages employees to study and thus funds development programs for them to grasp the best international practices and apply them in their work. At the same time, employees say that they don’t feel any pressure from the management. On the
contrary, they enjoy great adaptability and flexibility.

CBT Architects

CBT is a Boston company that is leading in employee ratings. People interested in building an interior designer career appreciate it for being dedicated to developing individual skills through the lens of teamwork.

Employees feel relaxed because they work with a flexible schedule, are encouraged to take advantage of vacation time, and are even offered special talent development programs. This is definitely a dream place to work at.


Corgan is a well-known architecture company that specializes in interior design. It has recently adopted a flexible work-from-home policy that lets designers work virtually. Moreover, the leadership team empowers employees, listens to their opinion, and often takes the risk by presenting quite bold designs and solutions.

At the same time, employees enjoy great work-life balance and exceptional organizational culture, targeted at developing designers’ talents and skills. The whole company works to make sure designers are retained and satisfied with all the work conditions.

UI/UX Design


We know surprisingly little of the companies that create the best UI/UX designs. They, however, are often quite interesting in terms of offered perks.

Clay Agency is dedicated to creating a target-oriented designer team that can handle projects of different complexity levels. As soon as you become a member, you’ll feel incredible support coming from the rest of the team. Moreover, each designer’s contribution is recognized and appreciated at the highest level.


Instrument Agency is super great for UI/UX designers who want to work for the world’s leading companies. This agency has secured a place among the top UI/UX agencies in the US and is recognized for its multifaceted designs.

Employees often mention this firm as one of the best they’ve ever worked for. It encourages modern and interactive approaches to designs and takes ownership of the UI/UX process as a whole.

Red Antler

The third company in this top specializes in designing UI/UX for startups. It means designers here are responsible not only for visual representation but for the entire brand development.

Red Antler focuses on quality rather than quantity. Its designer team is not big, but it is definitely worth working with. Those who make it to the team are very much satisfied with the benefits and culture the company offers.


Being a designer is a rewarding career regardless of the industry you are into. Yet, choosing the most suitable place of work is essential. Hopefully, our article will help you make a wise decision and inspire you to pursue a dream job at one of the best companies.